Captitalism should be the "In Thing"

I’m going to start on good note for the real post on my diary.

I heard alot on the death of auto industry and other things. People are bemoaning the distruction and not being part of a solution. The group of Chysler dealers that brought a case that they thought might stop or delay this wasted time and energy in an attempt to keep thing as they were and start something new.

They could have worked together to buy dead assets of GM(Oldsmobile and now Pontiac) and Chysler(Plymouth). Restart anew with the names and make quality(no so called quality), the rule and not the exception. Also make a place where Unions are not needed.

That bring me to point of my message, that being a part of a soultion is better than simply bemoaning. I not going to be a part of the airline mess(starting a regional airline, just need to fill out the paper work), I’m going to be a part of the solution. Bring affordable and quality service to underutilized airports(Lake Charles Regional is going the airlines main hub) and have intrastate service for Louisiana(Lake Charles,Alexandra,Shreveport,Monroe,Lafayette,Baton Rouge and New Orleans). After meeting the airport director in Lake Charles, I got the felling that is needed.

That’s all for now, but I will tell you a lot of time and effort and effort on mine and friend of mine’s part has gone on in this. I this have to wait years after paperwork is sent to get an answer.

P.S. It will be in time more nationwide than at the start, but be on the look out for it.