Why I Got Excited (about Palin)

I am a college student from Indiana. I woke up this morning, turned on Fox News, and started my day by listening to all the speculation of Palin as the VP pick. I had to go to class however, so I took my laptop with me, and watched the rally in between classes. On my drive home (I commute), I was listening to America Right (a conservative talk radio station on XM Radio), Laura Ingram was discussing her thoughts on Palin being the pick. However, I wanted hear what the Liberals were saying, so I turned on America Left (which was the first time I have ever done this). It was the most amusing radio I have ever listened to. I never realized that grown adults could whine and complain as much as these people were. I honestly do not even understand why exactly they were in so much distress over this VP pick, but I sure enjoyed listening to it!