RedState Needs To Change

This site is a mess. It is laid out poorly and functions like a Model T in sub-zero weather. All the error messages are inexcusable. The “editing” is hit or miss and seems to be more a function of who is awake and feels like doodling with the site than any coherent policy or strategy.

But my concern goes well beyond that.

Any site whose “managing editor” feels free to call a conservative Republican Congressman a “douchebag” (for something he didn’t even do) is not a site that most serious Republicans will stick with.

Worse than that, a site whose “editors” choose to endorse two Democrats in Alaska in some sort of spasm of misdirected rectitude, is sadly lacking in adult supervision.

Finally, in the weeks when the financial meltdown was front and center in the news and John McCain was hemorrhaging support, what was kept front and center on the “front page” here at RedState? The same bloody story! Did it not occur to “the editors” that endlessly giving the “economic crisis” so much attention would be like Kos headlining his site with breathless updates on William Ayers or Jeremiah Wright? Lunacy.

This site is amateurish in an age that demands more. For decades conservatives have been ahead of the liberals in organization. Not now. If RedState wants to be relevant it needs to clean up its act and get serious. Now.