FWIW Major Polls Moving Back Toward McCain

After closely watching the polls over the past three weeks my sense is that they are weird this cycle.

I am mildly suspicious about the national polls. They seem to be going up and down in a semi-choreographed way. This makes we wonder if in fact they are all tinkering with their sample ingredients to try to blend in with the current news cycle.

It seems odd to me that while the state polls are all over the place, the main national polls are all very close to each other.

This morning McCain-Palin are once again climbing up as Rasmussen shows it now a tie, Gallup shows just a 3 point Obama lead, and Battleground now shows a 2 point McCain lead.

The Battleground poll also raises an interesting issue. James Carville is one of the principals behind that poll[ UPDATE: I’ve been informed that I’ve confused my “Battleground” Polls and that THIS Battleground is not the Carville-Greenberg Poll] . James Carville is a Clinton loyalist. It can reasonably be argued that James Carville does not want Obama to win.

Make of it what you will.