Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito

Today was the 221st anniversary of the signing of the United States Constitution and in Orange County Virginia, Montpelier, the home of the Father of The Constitution, James Madison, re-opened after a multi-million dollar renovation.

Along with various elected officials, we were honored by the presence of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito.

Before the ceremonies I had a chance to speak very briefly with each of them. My sole desire and interest was to be able to thank them for what they do.

I am not sure how much the average Republican, the average conservative, realizes and appreciates what these gentlemen must contend with solely because they represent logic and rationality on the Supreme Court.

To be a principled conservative in high office means to make of yourself a constant target for the old media and every nutball left-wingnut alive.

They each thanked me for my comment and Chief Justice Roberts looked me square in the eye and said “I appreciate you saying that”.

Both of these men impressed me with their informal and friendly bearing.

Chief Justice Roberts delivered the primary address for the day, and his words were well and carefully chosen. One part I especially enjoyed was when he dwelt on the fact that when James Madison wrote his life story near the end of his 85 years he filled up exactly 15 pages.

Feel free to draw any contrast that springs to mind.