Why Can't Barack Obama Just Tell The Truth?

I hesitate to mention the subject which dare not speak its name (no not THAT subject) but I am somewhat nonplussed by the lack of comment on what Mr. Obama was actually saying in the interview this morning.

Watch the longer clip that Moe posted and several things leap out at the viewer.

Barack Obama was making up this stuff as he went along. This was became obvious as he stuttered and fumbled along instead smoothing rolling it out as he does when he recites a set piece or talking point.

When Steph mildly pointed out that John McCain has never brought up….well you know THAT subject, Mr. Obama started umming and ahhing and muttered something about Fox News and the like stirring this stuff up.

That’s just baloney. In fact I can honestly say that I’ve “heard” about the subject from four sources:

A) Spam on the InternetB) Liberal writersC) A few people in person (who I never fail to correct) D) The Obama Campaign

Suffice to say that I’ve never heard any of the Fox commentators even hint at that issue.

Furthermore Mr. Obama KNOWS that the day has never dawned on which John McCain was dumb enough to broach the subject.

Mr. Obama was playing the victim card, building up straw men, and sounding dazed, confused, and petty while he was about it.

The more I see of Mr. Obama the more I suspect he’s not very talented in any respect beyond giving speeches from a telepromter.