What will happen with an Obama Presidency

(1) Our family is barely getting by each month as it is now and our taxes are going to go up.(2) Our retirement plans are down at least 30% (by the way, why hasn’t the McCain Campaign gone after Obama on this: the reason the stock market is “tanking” is because it is anticipating an Obama Presidency!)(3) Our health insurance costs have triple in the last two years and will probably double again in 2009.(4) Even though our house has gone down 40% in value, our property taxes will be raised through “special assessments.” Thank you California!(5) Violent crime, which is already extremely high in this area, will go up tremendously because of the amount of illegal Mexicans that are not here to work – they are here to steal and transport drugs (this is another area I wish the McCain Campaign would do something about: where ever there is a high population of illegal Mexicans there is also a high level of violent crime – all the studies show this, and people like us here in Southern California live with it daily, but the McCain campaign will not say anything about it because they think that it would be racist or they have some other ridiculous reason for not addressing this major problem). How many more illegal Mexican criminals will come here under an Obama Presidency? MILLIONS!!!!(6) Our small business employers are cutting their work forces each month – it will probably only be a matter of time until my wife and I both lose our jobs.(7) I foresee our electrical and other utility bills doubling in 2009 as Obama pushes through his idiotic “green” policies.