Senator McCain's Disasterous Campaign

As the McCain Campaign continues their infighting – the big problem is with the candidate himself. Senator McCain is a Liberal Republican that is a disasterous Presidential Candidate. How did our Party ever nominate this guy? This campaign is going to destroy the Republican Party for decades. Never again should the Republicans NOT nominate a Conservative.Conservatives like me are extremely angry and frustrated with Senator McCain, his inept staff, the RNC, and other Republican “moderate” candidates.Many of us have also given thousands of dollars to various Republican Candidates, the RNC, the NRCC, and many other Republican PACs and entities. All we have to show for all of the money that we have donated is a bunch of “week kneed moderate babies” that make up the McCain Campaign and the RNC.This disaster is not the President’s fault nor can the blame be placed on the economy – the blame lies directly with the incompetent McCain campaign and the Senator himself.

Now the Senator must make a decision – is he going to go out like a wimp and do what he probably considers the “classy” thing to do: continue with his ridiculous “populist” message, lose in an electoral college landslide, and give a super majority to a bunch of Socialists and Marxists in Congress? Or is the Senator going to act like a respected Military man should act: when you are going down, you have to take down as many of your enemies with you as possible! Do something to weaken Obama and the Democrats to the utmost before they take office! Maybe continuous Reverend Wright ads? (he should have done this from DAY 1!)Senator McCain: stop this nonsense and go after Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd, Rengel, Raines, Johnson, and every other Democrat that will continue to ruin this country!