Marco Rubio Repeats "The Big Lie"

I hate to call out someone I have great respect for, especially to question his veracity, but I just cannot let this pass. In fact, I will assume that he has been misled by others in his party, and he just needs to know the truth. He is claiming that there is an annual increase of 120,000 programming/engineering jobs in the U.S., and that this is leading to a shortage.

There is no shortage of engineers and programmers in the U.S. From all factual accounts, there is a glut. The number of engineers engineering needed for U.S. business is *NOT* increasing by 120,000 a year. That is an utter fabrication. How, in an economy with a 1-2% annual growth rate require 10% annual increase in the number of engineers and programmers? That number  would mean that engineers and programmers constitute over 10% of the annual job growth – not likely in a profession that constitutes less than 1% of the working population. Shortages increase wages, and the decrease in real wages in those professions has continued for a decade. Rubio’s numbers are a fairy tale.

Rubio is repeating some lobbiest’s numbers, which were fabricated for the purpose of bringing in cheap foreign labor.

So, if the position that there are 120,000 new jobs a year for engineers is a fabrication, who fabricated it, and why are they trying to inject this into the immigration debate? This is actually an old saw, with a rather simple explanation. Big corporations would like to decrease their labor cost. Their favorite way to do this over the last 15 years or so is to pay for legislation to displace American engineers and programmers with cheap, pliable foreign labor. This is quid pro quo for the immigration deal for corporatists.

How is it that people who oppose any perceived departure from the free market are so quick to make an exception if doing so gives them access to cheap foreign labor? If there are not enough Americans in engineering professions, isn’t the market supposed to correct this by drawing more college students into those majors with promises of low unemployment and high salaries? That’s what a shortage is supposed to do, and – to my knowledge – has done nearly every time. It isn’t happening, which is proof that there is no shortage. We shouldn’t be asking ourselves why these future democrats, uh, foreign students, shouldn’t be given citizenship, we should be asking why American universities are squandering our tax dollars by bringing them here for us to subsidize!

Since Bill Gates and his Gang of Corrupt CEOs lied before congress that every computer program in existance would crash on January 1st, 2000, there has been a non-stop effort to import cheap immigrant labor to replace American engineers and programmers. If you will recall, Mr Gates threatened that the Y2K bug would cause paychecks would go unprinted, aircraft would fall out of the sky, and the lights would go out unless he got to import 200,000 programmers from India every year. Considering that there were only around 600,000 software engineers in the U.S. at the time, and seemed to be servicing the internet revolution just fine, you would be correct in assuming that this was a complete fabrication on the part of Mr Gates and the ITAA.

The best congress money could buy gave him his 200,000 Indians annually on an unrecorded voice vote after midnight, and the engineering professions have been reeling evey since.

By the end of 2002, corporate America took those first 400,000 Indians, and laid off every American that they could (does that sound like a shortage to you?). There were some IT departments that no longer had *ANY* Americans. Another major event was that offshoring – difficult to do with English-speaking Americans holding the onshore coordination jobs – became very easy to do. The imported interlopers already speak Hindi, and have no interest in the health of the U.S. economy. So, it wasn’t enough that Americans were being replaced here, tens or hundreds of thousands of jobs were being moved out of the country every year. Do you people not remember this?

So, what did this slight decrease in labor cost for Bill Gates and his buddies buy us? Well, it cost the country several hundred thousand jobs. The Indians, most of which go back to India, lived a cheaply as they could to take their wages back home. So, a large share of the wages for several hundred thousand people –  that would have been spent here – departed our shores every year. The technical know-how for a huge portion of our economy is in possession of people who can compete with us in India – where wages are a microscopic fraction of those in the west. This is a loss which I would place in the trillions of dollars.

So, why are Republicans anxious to pursue this dishonorable course again after all this, and put a largely Republican population out of work at an ever higher rate? Certainly, Obama has to be laughing through his teeth about this.

He wants to get 11 million new democrats, and we want to give him 12 million. I have to question our negotiation skills.