Obama talks the talk, McCain walks the walk!

I am a disgusted Democrat! I’m male. I’m a yuppie. I’ve always admired the way McCain has crossed the isle, gone against the Republican insiders and stayed true to the public’s interest. I was hoping that Obama would be a fresh change politician. He talks the talk, but we fell for that with Bush. McCain walks the walk and we haven’t seen that in a LONG TIME! I’m switching to McCain and going to their website and giving $50 contribution now!

Obama’s change? He’s so in with the Democratic super politicians… they’re following him like the Pied Piper… if he thinks THOSE people who haven’t changed anything since Clinton… he’s guessed wrong about me! And what exactly qualifies Obama to be president? Ties to corruption, dissing half the democratic supporters? Ties to religious leaders that mock the US and whites? Ties through is 20 year beloved Pastor to Farakan and his radical anti-peace radicals? I’m switching sides RIGHT NOW! Palin is perfection personified as far as politicians go. I’ve been watching her for over a year now!

How can Obama pass over even “asking” Hillary to be the V.P? Obama stoops to the lowest tactic I could have imagined and took the biggest Washington insider as his running mate. In terms of being the next president, his V.P. election has been apined on by the United States. He received a dismal vote when he was a candidate.

Over the years I’ve watched the pompous, overly impressed with himself, non stop talk a talker Biden on Cspan. Over the past year I’ve watched the same Cspan and been thrilled by McCain’s VP as she opposed and fought both Washington and Alaska. She is a magnificent person to consider for a VP.

I’m changing my sides. I’m going all the way with McCain… I’ll keep an open mind but I can tell you, we were ALL fooled by Bush’s rhetoric and speeches and carisma. I sure don’t want to fall for that again. If you look to Obama’s RECENT voting record, it’s laughable.

Obama is about Obama. His ideological ties to Farrakan supporters, terrorist links, acceptance of sweetheart deals and ties to criminals… has been successfully squashed. If Obama thinks I’ll fall for his “talk” when I can SEE FOR MYSELF THAT MCCAIN IS WALKING THE WALK… Obama has another thing coming.

I’m voting for McCain and Palin. I love her politics. She’s tough! She’s a soccer mom, she’s successfully balanced being a mom and a beloved politician in her home state. Getting 80% of people in your state to love you is an enormous feat.

Guess what else! I’m going to go online right now and donate $50 to McCain’s campaign! How do you like THAT Obama!? I was a strong Hillary supporter because Hillary has talents we cannot deny. And you don’t even ASK her to be on your ticket? What are you thinking? I’ve heard enough “sweet and tough” TALK. I haven’t seen OBAMA do anything but TALK! You go McCain!