Obama: Bush was right

It’s funny how President Bush is always wrong except when he isn’t….at least according to President Obama.

From the Wall Street Journal:

This weekend, Americans were treated to something new: Barack Obama defending his war policies by suggesting they merely continue his predecessor’s practices. The defense is illuminating, not least for its implicit recognition that George W. Bush has more credibility on fighting terrorists than does the sitting president.

Mr. Obama’s explanation came in an interview with Katie Couric just before the Super Bowl. Ms. Couric asked about trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York. After listing some of the difficulties, the president offered a startling defense for civilian trials:

“I think that the most important thing for the public to understand,” he told Ms. Couric, “is we’re not handling any of these cases any different than the Bush administration handled them all through 9/11.” Mr. Obama went on to add that “190 folks”—folks presumably just like the mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks—had been tried and convicted in civilian court during Mr. Bush’s tenure.

Leave aside, for just a moment, the substance. Far more arresting is that Mr. Obama now defends himself by invoking a man he has spent the past year blaming for al Qaeda’s growth. You know—all those Niebuhrian speeches about how America had gone “off course,” “shown arrogance and been dismissive,” and “made decisions based on fear rather than foresight,” thus handing al Qaeda a valuable recruiting tool.

Ill be the first to admit that Bush was far from perfect but he did do a number of things for which I am thankful.

  1. He kept the country safe after 9/11 by showing the world that an attack on the US would not go unanswered
  2. He implemented tax cuts to get the economy going after the attacks (he should have held the line on spending)
  3. He understood and appreciated the concept of American exceptional-ism

In contrast to what we have leading the country today, this is a refreshing list.

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