Angry Statists, aka Democrats and the Filibuster

Funny how the people on the left squawk about the Filibuster when it’s used against their statist agenda but it was just fine when they were in the minority. The latest compliant comes from Dan Pfeiffer, the White House Communications Director. He laments the fact that the confirmation process for President Obamas nominee for GSA administrator, Martha Johnson, has taken a few months.

Well, excuse the American people Mr. Pfeiffer, but with the track record that President Obama has regarding people he nominates, i.e Van Jones, Erroll Southers, Kevin Jennings, I think that the Senate has a right, nay, they absolutely should stop all confirmations of anyone recommended by this President so that they can be fully vetted. The President has proven that he does not possess, how shall we say, good judgment regarding his associates. But lets not get sidetracked.

The Filibuster does exactly what the founders intended it to do. Slow down the legislative process. The founding fathers didn’t like or trust government and didn’t want government to have the ability to pass new laws concerning policy too quickly. The Senate was designed to slow the legislative process and be counter majoritarian.

While the House of Representatives reflects the whims of the majority and acts as the repository for the passions of the people (i.e. a 90% tax on bonuses), the Senate was designed to cool those passions and not let the majority run roughshod over the minority. This is why there must be a super majority to invoke cloture and end debate.

One would think that anyone working in the White House would have an appreciation for this facet of our democracy. But, one would also assume that an American president would NOT have a self proclaimed 9-11 truther and admitted communist working in the White House, but we did. Ah, Hope and Change.

The Filibuster is an important facet of Americas legislative framework. To abandon it would be to turn our backs on what the founders created.

cross posted to The Ritz Report