Obama, The Banks and The Truth

President Obama has been on a populist rant lately stating that he’s only trying to get tax payer money back from the Big Bad Evil Banks. Well, if we take our dear President at his word, then someone in his administration should be fired for letting him repeatedly make a fool of himself.
From the Heritage Foundation:

Bank Payback

As you can see above, the banks that President Obama is attacking have all paid the money back….with interest. The American taxpayer made out pretty well in regard to those investments (even though we’ll never see a dime of that money)

On the other hand, the institutions that still owe large amounts of money to the taxpayer are exempt from Obama’s feigned populist outrage. These institutions are also paying out large bonuses to their executives despite red ink as far as the eye can see.

Shame on you Mr President for employing such transparent, petty, class envy tactics. The office you hold is above such behavior but apparently you are not.

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