Congressional Dems upset with Obama

So the Dems on Capitol Hill are complaining that the White House is not providing the kind of leadership on Health Care that they want to see.

Frustration is mounting among Capitol Hill Democrats over what they say is the White House’s lack of direction in how to resolve a potentially crippling impasse in health care reform negotiations.

In particular, aides working on reform in both chambers are disappointed that President Obama has failed to push House lawmakers to get on board a strategy to pass the Senate’s bill on the condition that it would be revised at a later date. They point out that outreach from the administration has been standard if not perfunctory, even after last week’s critical loss in the Senate election in Massachusetts.

“We’re growing pretty frustrated,” said one Democratic Hill aide. “We wish he would push harder on the House and explain to them that this is their only real political option.”

The sentiments were echoed in on-the-record comments from several senators themselves, who have lately been more prone to publicly criticize and second-guess White House strategy.

You would think that Democrats in Congress would see the writing on the wall. President Obama wants Health Care but he also wants to be able to blame Congressional Democrats when the American people see what this bill actually does. Obama wants to be able to pass the anger off to Congress so he is keeping his distance.

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