Brown to win in MA...based on Social Media Data?

This is going to be interesting. WordStream has predicted that Scott Brown in going to win the MA Senate race by a landslide. They have based this prediction on social media data as explained below:

WordStream, Inc., a provider of keyword research tools for search engine marketing, has published the latest results of its social media polling data, which indicate State Senator Scott Brown will defeat State Attorney General Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts special election on January 19, 2010, to serve in the 41st Senate seat of the United States.

Most polls for the Massachusetts US Senate show that candidates Brown and Coakley are engaged in a very tight political battle for the seat vacated by the late Senator Edward Kennedy. But the social media polling study conducted by WordStream suggests that it won’t be a tight race at all, and that Scott Brown will beat Martha Coakley handily in a landslide victory.

“Being a search marketer who specializes in researching keywords, I decided to launch my own investigation to see if I could find out more information about the dynamics of this US Senate race based on internet marketing and social media metrics,” said WordStream Founder and Vice President of Product Development Larry Kim. “The findings were staggering. The data suggests that conventional pollsters and Washington insiders have it completely wrong, and Brown is going to trounce Coakley.”

Kim’s research drew from the three major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as Alexa Ratings. Kim looked at the sites’ user engagement metrics to compare the Internet presence of the two candidates. Compared to Martha Coakley’s social presence, Brown’s popularity in social media is far more pervasive with:

— A 10:1 advantage over Coakley in terms of video content viewership on
— A 4:1 edge in terms of number of fans on Facebook
— More followers, more list appearances and far more buzz overall on

“The social media activity surrounding Brown clearly demonstrates the majority of social networkers favor Scott Brown over Martha Coakley,” Kim explained. “Will this popularity translate into a victory for Brown next Tuesday at the polls? Only time will tell.”

At first glance, it seems like there may be some validity to this but we’ll have to wait and see. I’m not sure that I believe that just because there are more people tweeting about Scott Brown that he is going to win. I wont have to wait long to find out the answer. Only 5 days to go. You can still help, go to: Brown for Senate

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