Where the Hell is the Republican Party?

OK, I’ve been patient, quietly waiting for GOP leaders to find themselves in the wilderness and come forward with a plan, any plan. A plan that will run contradictory to what Obama and his band of merry spenders on Capital Hill are doing.

Instead, what do I see? I see the Chairman of the Republican National Committee on Hannity last night hawking his new book.

Are you kidding me?

But wait you say, the book covers a “12 step plan” to take back America that includes:

step 1: Admit we have a problem
step 2: Admit our mistakes
step 3: Expose liberal policy as a “reign of error” Part I: Hitting you in the pocketbook
step 4: Expose liberal policy as a “reign of error” Part II: Taking America down the wrong path
step 5: Inventory our Principles
step 6: Contrast our Principles with theirs, Part I: Identity Politics and Judicial Activism
step 7: Contrast our Principles with theirs, Part II: Tolerance, Equal Rights and a Culture of Freedom
step 8: Contrast our Principles with theirs, Part III: Economics, the Justice System and National Security
step 9: Take back the culture
step 10: Take back the economy
step 11: Take back national security
step 12: Shape up, reach out and Connect: A Republican Renaissance

And I say again, are you kidding me?

Clearly, Mr Steele’s first priority is to enrich himself. Any no nonsense conservative could have created this so called “plan” in half a day. This is a disgrace.

George Washington would not even accept a $25,000 dollar salary to serve as President of the United States based on principle even though he needed the money at the time. The country came first, not his desire to enrich himself.

The Republican party needs leadership that puts the interests of the country and the American people first.

If you can be successful doing that Mr Steele, knock yourself out on the longest book tour ever! But before you autograph the first copy of your book, how about a plan for:

  1. Correcting the GOP’s dismal PR efforts. Since the media won’t cover you on Capitol Hill, find a way to reach the American people with your messaging. Do not just rely on the New Media.
  2. Identify and Broadcast whether the GOP will be the party that will repeal ObamaCare. I live and breath this stuff and dont know the answer to this one. McConnell had the opportunity to answer this (2 times) and blew it (skip ahead to minute 4).
  3. What is the Republican plan for Health Care reform if they do take control?
  4. What is your plan to help with the Economy?

If the Republicans would stand on the principles that made this country great and let their policy flow from those ideals, the American people would embrace the ideas and the party. Base your policies on Individual Freedom and Liberty.

There are only 11 short months until the next election. If the Republicans cannot put together a plan to save the United States from this White House and Congress, I fear that irreversible damage may be done.

Mr. Steele, GOP Leadership, Where is your plan to save America? Create it and shout it from the mountain tops! There is no time to waste.

crossposted to The Ritz Report