The Republican Plan that wasn't

It’s time again to turn my sights on the Republican party. Today I received a beg letter in the mail from Republican House Leader John Boehner. On the front of the envelope it read “I have important news about the beginning of the end of Nancy Pelosi’s reign as speaker.”

Having just published the post Where the Hell are the Republicans?, I thought to myself, maybe this is an outline of the plan that I’ve been looking for. A little insight into how the Republicans are going to move forward. How exciting!

Not so much.

I did learn that Mr Boehner was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and was one of twelve.

That didn’t make me want to send money.

I also learned that he is one of 12 brothers and sisters.

That didn’t make me want to send money.

I learned that he has been married for 35 years and has two daughters.

yea….no desire to send money yet.

and finally I learned that he is not a lawyer. That’s in bold font so that must be important.
Also, it appears that his staff does not proof read these letters unless they really intend to “create jobs and lower coasts.”

This letter is almost 4 pages long. Aside from the usual “we’re gonna create jobs and fight the liberal agenda”, there is nothing of substance. Sending this letter to me was a complete waste of money. Why on earth would I contribute money to anyone when I have no idea what the hell they are going to do with it?

Is it really that hard?


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