Obama, Terrorism and Troubling Signs

President Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism John Brennan made the rounds on the Sunday shows today. He said there was “no smoking gun” in intelligence that could have prevented accused terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab from boarding a U.S. commercial airliner with an explosive device on Christmas Day.

Can he be serious?

This terrorist was turned in by his own father. That piece of information alone should have been enough to keep him off of any aircraft. Couple that with the fact that he paid cash for his one way ticket and the “smoking gun” evidence starts to come together.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) also appeared on CNN and tried to make the case that this White House is taking terrorism “more seriously than the Bush Administration” and “bringing the fight to the enemy after it was neglected by Bush.”

That is a dubious position to take when considering the Commander in Chief who wont use and wont allow his staff to use the phrase “War on Terror.” The preferred terminology is “Overseas Contingency Operation.”  Also, the term  “Terrorism” is not allowed, instead we hear about “Man caused disaster.”  What is the purpose of all of these verbal acrobatics? To avoid offending terrorists? Yet these same people claim that they’re really bringing the fight to the enemy? Please, you’re not fooling anyone.

The Obama shills also defended the fact that Abdulmutallab will be charged in civilian court as opposed to being turned over to the military for questioning. As a result of taking this legal posture, Abdulmutallab has already “lawyered up” and it could be months before we get any information out of him. Let’s pray that there isn’t a successful attack that may have been stopped if the United States hadn’t assumed this foolish posture.

This fact alone makes it crystal clear that this Administration does not believe we are at war.

After days of White House statements reassuring the American people that they understand the United States is at war, they choose to deal with this enemy combatant as though he held up a 7-11. The Bush administration was off base here as well. All of these terrorists should be changed as enemy combatants, no civilian courts are necessary.

In the aftermath of this event, the White House is in major spin mode. The 72 hours that elapsed between the failed attack and our President stumbling up to a teleprompter has put them on defense in a big way. But the much more troubling aspect surrounding this whole event is the posture that the President and this White House continue to take in regard to terrorism.

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