Obama "miss-statement" sweepstakes

Clearly it’s tricky, despite a recent Nobel Peace Prize award for diplomacy to work out when to read that dull briefing note form State and when to go for another three-pointer to the corner waste-basket. currently is seems the scoring is high as this weeks “miss-statement” (oops) that insulted a long-standing European ally follows the recent incident where he confused his oceans in the process of attempting to …. yes, insult a long-standing European ally (err…)

Now in the previous presidency this would have been reported as a major Bush gaffe p1 with comment on p13-18 but somehow this turned out to be much of a p7 issue in the press. Given the MSM diss-interest I offer the opportunity for readers to suggest which other US ally he will offend. Or does Hillary have him writing out lines after class for this mess?