Obamacare - One Scary Step Closer

The Democrats government health care bill (and by bill we mean 260 page draft document) passed the Senate Finance committee today 14-9. We know what you’re thinking – aren’t there 10 Republicans on the committee? CORRECT

Maine Senator Olympia Snowe voted in favor of the Baucus legislation. Rumors have it that Snowe will still be opposed to the final legislation in the Senate if it includes the public (GOVERNMENT-RUN) option.

Now we all wait and see what Senator Harry Reid will come up with. He now has the power to merge the Senate HELP and Finance committee bills together and basically bring whatever final version to the floor that he wants. Luckily Senator Liebermann has come out public saying he is opposed to the Baucus bill and in a surprising alliance for Republicans – about 30 Unions are opposing this version as well. Though they’re opposed because they want a public option included but also because of the taxes it would impose on expensive insurance policies.

Lucky for us Kansans – we can continue to count on Senators Brownback and Roberts to push for reform that won’t include a government take over of the system, increase the deficit or make cuts to Medicare.