The GOP's "New Coke" Strategy Isn't Working


I’ve been looking for the perfect analogy to help illustrate why moderate Republicans continue to lose elections – especially presidential elections. I believe this is it. Many younger voters won’t recall the historic blunder Coca-Cola made in the 80s, but it easy easy enough for even the most casual political observers to understand.

…..The best explanation I have ever heard for this phenomenon was given by conservative commentator Bill Whittle: RINO Republicans will always lose because they are the New Coke.

New Coke was introduced back in the days of the Great Soft Drink Wars, when Coke vs. Pepsi was all the rage. Coke decided that in order to win over Pepsi drinkers, they needed to change their formula so that Coke would taste more like Pepsi…but there was a problem. Pepsi drinkers liked Pepsi, so they had no reason to switch from their favored brand to a competing brand that was just a Pepsi wannabe. Coke drinkers liked Coke better than Pepsi, so they had no reason to buy a soft drink that was trying to match the taste of something they didn’t like to begin with.

In the end, no one bought New Coke, and Coca-Cola was forced to scrap their new offering and introduce Classic Coke, a return to their original formula.

It’s the same way with politics. The Republican Party keeps trying to run the New GOP – the “moderate” Progressive Republicans who try their darndest to be as similar to Democrats as they possibly can, with just enough differences to maintain the GOP label. The goal is to try and win over enough moderate Democrats to swing the vote to the GOP’s favor. But Democrats have no reason to vote for a Republican, when they can get all of the left-wing progressivism they want, and then some, from the Democrat candidate. And real Republicans will only turn out for the New GOP in an effort to keep the Democrat from winning – and that will never be sufficient motivation to get enough Republican voters out to defeat someone like Hillary Clinton……

After consecutive defeats to a man who had the most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate, we are now being told by the “smart” people  that the GOP needs to run another Moderate (New Coke). Specifically, Chris Christie.

I truly believe the only way for the GOP to win in the current environment is with massive base turnout. While Christie may have sold blue New Jersey on the new formula in an off-year election, the same voters who drank the New Coke indicated in the exit poll that given a choice between Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton, they still prefer Pepsi.

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