Hillary Clinton Will Campaign On Repeal & Replace in 2016

That is not a misprint.

In response to the growing evidence that health insurance premiums are set to skyrocket due to the lack of interest in signing up for ObamaCare among young, healthy adults, Obama has decided to bet all of his chips on the November, 2014 elections by delaying 2015 enrollment for one month…or until a week after the election. The objective is to withhold the bad news of the expected very large jump in premiums to try to minimize the damage to the Democrat Party at the polls.

This desperate strategy will shift much of the inevitable voter anger in to the 2016 election cycle. Despite recently scolding Republicans for attempting to defund the disastrous law, and her own promise of “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” Hillary will do everything possible to distance herself from ObamaCare, including a promise of full repeal. She will be left with no other option.

You heard it here first, on November, 22 2013.

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