Romney Campaign's Latest Scapegoat: Chris Christie

Over the past two weeks, many potential scapegoats have been floated by Romney supporters, staffers, and even Romney himself. So far, none of them have caught on. Most objective observers have concluded that a deeply flawed candidate ran a deeply flawed campaign. 

It’s understandable that those with so much invested in Romney’s candidacy would point fingers. They all have reputations and resumes to protect, and future campaigns to destroy from within.

Their latest target isn’t going to get any sympathy from me. I’ve long viewed Chris Christie as an egotistical blowhard. Having said that, I’m just not buying what Team Romney is selling.

It’s been well documented that Romney’s “Get Out The Vote” program was a colossal failure. Romney lost the election because too many Republicans stayed home.

The average Republican “couch voter” in Florida did not decide whether or not to vote based on what Chris Christie was doing in New Jersey. Conversely, the average “Obama phone” Democrat in Ohio was more concerned about keeping their food stamps than Obama’s orchestrated photo op with the New Jersey Governor. Ask yourself this…How many Obama voters in Ohio could even name the New Jersey Governor?

I suspect we’re about to witness a circular firing squad within the Romney campaign, because, like all of the other manufactured excuses, this one isn’t going to stick.

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