Deb Fischer Surges Into The Lead On The Eve Of Nebraska GOP Senate Primary; Update: New Facebook Note From Palin; Update: Herman Cain Endorses Fischer

On the eve of Nebraska’s GOP Senate primary, We Ask America has Deb Fischer surging into the lead. As you can see from the chart below, that is a remarkable 21 point swing over a period of one week. According to the pollster, it sounds like Fischer has benefited from significant financial support from TD Ameritrade founder, Joe Ricketts. However, something else happened in the past week, which is conveniently omitted from their analysis. As I wrote in this post, Sarah Palin endorsed Fischer last Wednesday.

Fischer poll

Jon Bruning’s liberal record has been a frequent topic of conversation on Redstate. This post by Erick Erickson lays it out the best. I know Erick supports Stenberg, but if this poll is any indication, it looks like Nebraska conservatives need to unite behind Fischer tomorrow.

Update: New Facebook note from Palin in support of Fischer.

Tomorrow voters go to the polls in Nebraska. Please remember to vote for Deb Fischer as the next U.S. Senator from the Cornhusker State…..

Update: Herman Cain endorsed Fischer tonight.

(Atlanta) On the eve of the Nebraska Primary Election, former presidential frontrunner Herman Cain announced his endorsement of Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Deb Fischer. Cain joins Sarah Palin and Representative Jeff Fortenberry in formally supporting Fischer over her Republican rivals Jon Bruning and Don Stenberg.

“As a state Senator, Deb Fischer has offered bold solutions for tax reform,” Cain said. “I support Deb’s run for the Senate because I know she can take this courage and common sense drive to the federal level.” ……