Palin Endorses Deb Fischer For US Senate In Nebraska

FischerSarah Palin has officially endorsed Deb Fischer in Nebraska’s upcoming GOP primary election. Fischer has represented Nebraska’s largest district in the state’s unicameral legislature since 2004. You can read more about her here.

I’m not all that familiar with the Nebraska GOP Senate race, but it appears as though Fischer is polling within the margin of error of the current Nebraska Attorney General, Jon Bruning after once trailing by as many as 30 points. The GOP primary is on Tuesday, May 14th.

Here’s a portion of the press release:

Lincoln, NE – Today, Senator Deb Fischer, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Nebraska, announced that she has been endorsed by former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin and her husband Todd Palin.

“I’m incredibly honored to receive the endorsement of Governor Sarah Palin and Todd Palin. I greatly admire their willingness to stand on conservative principle and their resolve in standing up to the political establishment,” said Senator Deb Fischer. “Our campaign is grassroots powered and focused on conservative policy solutions that will change the course of this nation. I’m a wife, mother, rancher, small business owner, and citizen legislator, not a career politician. To change Washington, we need to send a different type of person there. That’s why I’m running for U.S. Senate.”


Fischer also shared a note she received from Palin:

Deb – thank you for your note. We have been watching your race closely. Your efforts remind us of those our family put forth for Sarah’s races here in Alaska. Winning over voters through personal interactions is the way to go. People are tired of outside interests spending millions of dollars in political attack ads. We’re glad to see your grassroots efforts paying off!

We admire your conservative principles and know that you will not go to Washington to amass great wealth or power. You will go to Washington to serve the people of Nebraska, protect our Constitution and work for common sense solutions to help restore America. We are happy to support you and have asked SarahPAC to send a financial contribution to your campaign.

Good luck next Tuesday – the Palins are in your corner.

-Todd & Sarah

You can read the entire press release here.