Enough With The False Narrative About Palin's Vetting


There has been ample discussion as of late about potential Vice Presidential candidates. A few weeks ago, I started to notice a theme developing – designed to discredit Sarah Palin and the amount of vetting that was done prior to adding her to the ticket in 2008. Nearly every MSM article about the topic suggested that the GOP nominee would be more cautious in their vetting process to avoid making the same “mistake” the McCain campaign made.

Initially, the propagation of this false meme was mostly limited to left-wing journalists with an axe to grind. Lately, it seems that some on the right (mostly Romney supporters who are still bitter that McCain picked her over Mitt) are seizing on the opportunity to pile on.

Here’s a prime example of what I’m talking about from one of Romney’s biggest backers. This individual writes for numerous websites, including the Mitt Romney Central fan site.

…Who ever Mitt Romney picks, the vetting process will be much more intense than in the past due to the shoddy vetting process the McCain team did with Sarah Palin….

First of all, the man is entitled to his opinion. However, given that his candidate likely has the nomination sewn up, you would think that he would have enough sense not to alienate supporters of Sarah Palin. Many of Romney’s advocates suffer from the same “tin ear” as the man they support.

As for whether Palin was vetted….you’ll just have to take the word of the man who personally was in charge of the team that vetted her. A.B. Culvahouse is a former White House counsel who had previously been tasked with vetting Supreme Court and Cabinet nominees. Here’s what he had to say about his interview with Palin in 2009.

….Culvahouse, O’Melveny & Myers’ chairman and the leader of the team that vetted Palin before Republican presidential candidate John McCain chose her as his running mate last summer, spoke about Palin this morning at the Republican National Lawyers Association’s policy conference at the National Press Club. During the vetting process, said Culvahouse, “Me and two of my most cynical partners interviewed her, and came away impressed.” Culvahouse added that Palin would “have been a great vice president,” and said that he told McCain exactly that.

So what was so impressive? Culvahouse said Palin hit certain, particularly tough questions “out of the park,” such as whether she was prepared to use nuclear weapons, and whether she would order the CIA to shoot Osama bin Laden even if it guaranteed civilian deaths. Culvahouse did not offer the details of Palin’s answers, but said, “She had a lot of capacity….”

Two years later, Culvahouse suggested that Palin not only exceeded expectations, but….

….People who are more experienced, more savvy–maybe some of them gave less savvy answers,” he says with a look that indicates he’s referring to some of McCain’s other VP contenders….

So, there you have it. I hope everyone will agree that it’s time to put this false narrative to bed. I expect it from Politico, but not from fellow Republicans who are now faced with the Herculean task of generating enthusiasm among the base of the Republican Party for Mitt Romney’s candidacy.

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