David Brooks Still Likes The Crease In Obama's Pants

“Conservative” New York Times columnist, David Brooks  must have bumped his head on the way to his keyboard before he wrote this. Either that, or he’s still enamoured with the crease in Obama’s pants.

He starts off being critical of Obama’s failure to address the debt crisis. He subsequently proceeds to regurgitate the talking points given to him by the administration. Finally, he summarizes that Obama is really fiscally conservative, who hasn’t done anything yet to address the fiscal crisis….or something. I don’t know. Maybe someone else can make sense is this rubbish. My head still hurts from reading it.

I’m not going to pass my own comprehensive judgment on this here. I’ll just say that my conversations reaffirm my conviction that Obama is a pragmatic liberal who cares about fiscal sustainability, who has been willing to compromise for its sake, but who has not offered anything close to a sufficient program to avoid a debt crisis.

But we have a campaign in front of us. If the president is truly committed to a strategy for progressive fiscal stability, as Bill Clinton was, he’ll make that the center of his campaign. He’ll earn a mandate. He’ll win over independents who want fiscal discipline but worry about the way Republicans get there.

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