Did Mitt Romney Flip Flop On The Debt Ceiling?

In the past, Mitt Romney has never been a profile in courage. However, he stepped up to the plate last month by signing Jim Demint’s Cut, Cap, & Balance pledge. I know…I know, he was only fishing for DeMint’s endorsement, but he signed it nonetheless.

Romney even went as far as to call Cut, Cap, and balance his ” line in the sand” for increasing the debt limit.

“And if the president were to do those things, this whole debt ceiling issue disappears,” Romney said. “For me that’s the line in the sand: come on Mr. President, you can by yourself cut spending, agree to cut spending, cap the spending, and put in place a balanced budget amendment. And that for me is the course.”

However, Romney had failed to weigh in on the ongoing negotiations between President Obama and congress….until today.

“Gov. Romney thinks President Obama’s leadership has been an historic failure. He applauds Leader Boehner for standing firm against raising taxes when our nation can least afford them.”

What happened to the “line in the sand,” Mitt?

Romney apologists are suggesting that his lack of  courage is due to the politically sensitive nature of the issue. Fantastic. That really inspires confidence. Isn’t this a prime example  of why we’re in this mess in the first place?