Help Save the Country: GET OUT THE VOTE!

Back in May when it became apparent that our GOP nominee for President was going to be Governor Mitt Romney, I wrote this diary What Are You Doing the Summer of 2012? (I’ll be trying to save the country.) explaining how I had come around to support Mitt and why. Not much has changed for me since then except my activism has increased, and I’m paying less and less attention to the polls, the whiners and the critics. Friends, we have a choice. Romney/Ryan or Obama/Biden. So here are a few ways you can help.

First, GET OUT THE VOTE. Yes, I shouted. Did you hear me? If not, let me say it again. GET OUT THE VOTE. It’s easy and won’t cost you a thing but some time, and you can call from anywhere. You’ll be provided with a toll-free number to call with a code to use, after which an automated system dials the targeted phone numbers. Your number does not show up to the recipient of the call. You’re provided with a script and instructions on what you can and can’t say and how to code the information relative to the call so they can track the responses. When Romney wins in November, you can brag to your friends and kids and taunt Obama voters that you were partly responsible for putting us back on the road to prosperity. Go to Romney to sign up for Romney’s GOTV. Don’t expect a personal thank you.

Now, if for some reason, you can’t get connected to GOTV through the Romney campaign, try calling your state and local GOP offices and hound them until they give you something to do.* Don’t wait on them to call you back. I don’t know how the offices work in other areas, but our local office is staffed with volunteers who work, go to school, have families, etc. There are times nobody is even there although we’re trying to keep it staffed from now through election day. Just keep trying. I signed up months ago at AlabamaBattlegroundPatriots (our state GOP’s effort to help Romney). I got an email today announcing that we’re sending boots to Ohio, North Carolina, Florida and Virginia. See if your state GOP has a similar program. Hey, you might get to see Cleveland. Don’t expect a personal thank you.

Moving on, if you still can’t find a way to help, try American Majority or American Majority Action. Here’s a front page diary about their entire organization and the technology they’ve developed. See AmericanMajorityActionUnveilsKillerGOTVDigitalTechnology. Please click on the links provided in the diary, but more importantly, visit AM-Action and sign up, especially in those battleground states. From AM’s site,

How can you help? Become a part of the American Majority Action team:
• Go door-to-door canvassing in local neighborhoods with our cutting edge technology
• Make calls to area voters at our Liberty Headquarters or from home
• Help distribute ‘Fire Obama’ Yard sign and bumper stickers

If you have a group that needs training on activism, AM will send people your way. They’ll even provide training for candidates once you convince your favorite conservative to run for office. See AmericanMajorityTraining. Don’t expect a personal thank you.

If that doesn’t work, sign up through Americans for Prosperity (your state chapter if there is one) at AFP. There isn’t an AFP chapter in Alabama, but our local tea party, the Rainy Day Patriots (RDP), didn’t let that stop us. We partnered with AFP on a project to help a swing state turn Alabama red (or crimson as some of us prefer, Roll Tide!). We sent boots to Wisconsin when Walker needed help. We’re making phone calls, sending money, talking to our friends, families, neighbors, co-workers, using social media (blogging, tweeting, and FB). We suspended our regular monthly meetings a couple of months ago in favor of weekly GOTV sessions so we can stay in touch. We also have online sessions, i.e., we set a time for calls and post on our website how many we made and what kind of responses we had. And we make calls all on our own. Because that’s what you do when you want to save the country. And we don’t expect a personal thank you.

Now that you know where to go, what else are you waiting for? And once you get started, don’t be discouraged. There will be hang-ups, and some folks will be rude. However, all in all it’s a rewarding experience, and I’m hoping and praying for a huge dividend come November. And forget all that stuff I said about not expecting a personal thank you. Conservatives across the country will thank you. Your kids and grandkids will thank you. Small business owners will thank you. You might even get a thank you letter from Romney/Ryan with a stock photo. Maybe even a few of those former Obama voters will thank you once they have a decent job and see how conservatism works. And me? I will thank you from the bottom of my conservative, gun clinging, religion loving, freedom cherishing heart.

*This will be a great opportunity for you to get involved with your local GOP and start working to to elect even more conservatives in 2016. Cold Warrior has posted often about the importance of getting involved at the local level to change the GOP from the bottom up. His diary not only explains more about GOTV, but provides a how to guide for those who want to be more than a VINO. See RNC provides YOU a GOTV tool for getting conservative VINOs to the polls. Will you use it?

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