Iran Revolution: The Redux

General consensus is that Moussavi is as bad a thug but as A-jad but he’s a thug who is riding the wake of an important movement straight from the people.  Michael Totten said today (and I agree) that this could potentially be the biggest historical event for regime change since the Berlin wall came down.

There have been terrabyte gobs of information spent on this subject and you may have missed a thing or two.  Here’s a quick rundown of the best of from the last 72 hours.

The twitter hashtag #iranelection has been clocking thousands of tweets per hour.  Here’s what you may have missed:

  • Twitter has been the medium of choice mostly because Internet connections are so slow and unreliable.  (2kbps) which is just enough to get a 140 tweet off
  • @ev, founder of Twitter, has been validating the authenticity of twitterers within Iran himself
  • Blogs have posted a list of twitterers and aggregate feeds to help keep people abreast
  • The govt has been shutting down Internet connections fast.  Folks across the world are providing ssh tunnels and proxy servers for Iranians to use.
  • Twitter has been the seedbed of some mischief as well giving out websites for people to take down the Khomeni, A-jad, and news media sites
  • There are about a dozen reliable twitterers out of Tehran right now giving on the ground information.  Some of it reliable, some of it questionable all of it intense and engaging
  • The twitpics have been coming fast and furious.
  • Twitter just changed a scheduled server outage to accomadate the Iranian Tweeters

Stay tuned for more

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