Video: Barbara Boxer's $620 Million Air Freshener for Harry Reid

New web ad from the Chuck DeVore campaign (more details here):


I’ve opposed all the mega-billion dollar bailouts – they reward failure and bad decisions and leave us and our children to pay the trillion dollars in new debt. And, if you think this out of control spending is bad now with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barbara Boxer in Congress and President Bush in the White House, just wait until Obama is President and even more liberal Democrats run Congress.

Now we hear about the new Congressional visitor center, the one Harry Reid said would allow his colleagues to no longer have to “smell the tourists” – the one that cost $621 million, was over three years late and was $350 million over budget – can Washington do anything right? Of course, Barbara Boxer supported it.

Is it any wonder that the Government Accountability Office said December 2, in its initial report about the $700 billion Wall Street bailout, that loopholes and lack of oversight put our money at “heightened risk” of being wasted by bankers who, no doubt, will still get their big bonuses with our money. Of course, Barbara Boxer supported this too.

Lastly, the Big Three automakers are asking for money too, now up to $34 billion, up from $25 billion a few weeks ago – never mind that 61 percent of Americans wisely oppose this waste of their money – with 67 percent opposition here in the West. Of course, Barbara Boxer supports this bailout too.

Something smells in Washington – but we can do something about it.

Watch our web-ad and pass it along – let’s go viral with our displeasure with the stink in Washington!

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