Congressional Fight! Painting Utah Even Redder

Its hard to find a redder state than Utah. In 2004, Utahns voted 71% for President Bush. But there are always exceptions to the rule. Like most urban areas, Salt Lake City leans left, which is one of the major reasons why Democrat Jim Matheson has represented the 2nd Congressional District since 2000.

Democrat Matheson is the son of a former Governor of Utah and has done well to establish his name in the district. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Matheson’s previous GOP opponents have run terrible campaigns.

Enter Bill Dew, relative newcomer to politics, but backed by an experienced team of campaigners in an attempt to paint Utah in deeper shades of red. (Full disclosure I’m an advisor to the campaign myself)

However, reality hits hard when you realize that Dew is still down in the polls. But like Christmas in October, Jim Matheson has stepped in to give Bill Dew a gift.

Last week in St. George, Utah, Dew and Matheson squared off in a debate. Bill Dew did something no other challenger had done before: exposed Matheson’s votes in the open. Matheson was none too happy and accused Bill of lying. We had video rolling on the event and today the Dew campaign released the following web ad:


You see, Jim Matheson plays a certain game again and again in Congress. He votes party line with liberals in committee and the floor, enabling the worst type of amendments and bills to make it to the floor. Once he knows its going to pass he votes against the bill to save face with his voters in Utah. Meanwhile legislation goes into force that has Matheson’s fingerprints all over it… even though he voted no!

Bill Dew could use your help. Spread the word!


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