Calling Obama a “Food Stamp President” Is Not Racist

The mainstream media is doubling down on their attacks of Newt, accusing him of being “racist” because he called Obama a “Food Stamp President.” Yes, Newt said it. But nothing about that comment is racist. Newt didn’t mention race. He’s talking about Obama’s failed economic policies. He never mentioned race, but that isn’t stopping the mainstream media from inventing a race issue.

Everyone from NBC, CNN, New York Times and Washington Post are all jumping on the bandwagon, relentlessly accusing Newt of being racist. They even point out that there are fewer blacks on food stamps than whites. So what? Newt never mentioned race—the media did. Yes, black leaders are piling on, picking up the chorus that Newt is somehow racist and condemning him for something he didn’t say.

Perhaps liberals are over-sensitive because it strikes a little too close to home. When Kanye West made his famous speech “President Bush doesn’t like black people,” unemployment among black Americans was 8.2%. After three years under Obama, unemployment among black Americans is now 15.2%. But keep in mind, Newt didn’t even point that out. Newt simply said that liberal economic policies have failed and that people would rather have paychecks than food stamps. What’s racist about that?