Michigan economy continues slide while Gov, bureaucrats leave the country

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Barack Obama swept in a host of new Democrats in Michigan on Tuesday and here we are, two days later, and not only has no one walked on water, the local economic news just continues to get worse.

And the Governor’s reaction?  She’s heading to the Holy Land on a quixotic crusade to bring jobs back to Michigan.  The Lansing State Journal reports this morning that she’s on her way to Jordan and Jerusalem and guess what kind of jobs she’s targeting.

Michigan’s governor is heading to the Middle East to recruit high tech, homeland security and alternative energy businesses to the state.

Am I the only one scratching his head over the governor or Michigan’s decision to ask Jordanians for help with American homeland security?  Was the border to Syria blocked?  No one from the Iranian ministry of defense was willing to meet with her?  Hezbollah says they’re all about empowering the people, I’m sure they would have loved a one-on-one.

Alas, it’s only Jordan.  We’ll have to sit back with baited breath, hoping against hope that this taxpayer funded middle eastern vacation expedition produces more jobs than Granholm’s little jaunt earlier this year to Japan.  You remember that one… the trip that yielded ZERO new jobs and ZERO new job promises.  But I hear she brought back some really groovy souvenirs for everyone at MEDC.  So that’s something.

And while the Governor works on her tan, Michigan’s economy continue to crumble.  

One interesting question no one has asked, what have Michigan Democrats done to help the domestic auto industry?  Lots of criticism and clamor about the need to bailout the Big 3 but the Democrats have been in charge in Michigan for six years now.  What have they done?  Because whatever it is (or isn’t), it is clearly NOT working.  

Read on…

The Detroit News offers more bad news this morning, informing readers that Dana Corp, a leading auto parts supplier is closing ten plants and laying of thousands of workers.

Dana says the plant closures, and 5,000 job cuts planned for this year, are part of a push to downsize the company amid a steep drop in demand. Previously, the company said it expected to cut only 3,000 employees.

Jennifer Granholm and Michigan Democrats claim to have plans to fix these things.  Inquiring minds want to know… did they meet with Dana Corp decision makers?  Did they have a sit-down?  A conference call?  What did they do to save those 5,000 jobs?  Did they do anything?

Meanwhile, in the heart of Detroit, Democratic leadership continues to proclaim their own desperate need to be replaced while parents and voters pretend they don’t hear.  The Detroit Public School board, comprised entirely of Democrats, is now facing a $124 million operating deficit.  According to the Ivory Tower:

The board voted 10-1 to approve a consent agreement that allows school officials to retain control of DPS’ finances, but the governor still could appoint a financial manager if the requirements are not met. Failure to approve the agreement would have resulted in the automatic appointment of a state manager…

State treasury officials rejected as “unrealistic” the DPS monthly financial reports for July and August.

Now, DPS will have to meet dozens of deadlines for managing and reporting its financial situation. The deadlines start Nov. 14 when it must turn over an action plan to “address factors which resulted in the school district being designated a high-risk school district.”

One Detroit legislator, Senator Hansen Clarke, is already clamoring to take over the schools and to run them from Lansing, putting every Michigan taxpayer on the hook for the folly of voters and their “public servants” in Detroit.

It’s like the federal bailout of Wall Street.  Someone screws up, the government will sweep in and rescue them with YOUR tax dollars.  

This is the Michigan Democratic leadership model.  Taxpayer funded vacations to foreign countries for their leaders while the foot soldiers screw up locally and their generals in Lansing ask the rest of us to bail them out.  Say what you want about how tough the next two years are going to be… certainly doesn’t look like we’ll want for lefty bungling to talk about.