Election Day 08 summed up perfectly by 80s sci-fi

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Right Michigan readers are all pretty smart.  And you’re savvy.  You know how more about this particular campaign cycle than the average bear and the last thing you need to hear this morning is how important these last two days are.

That said, particularly here in Michigan, these last two days couldn’t possibly be more important.  

With the McCain pull out months back and the general pro-Dem feeling that most concede to be coursing through the broader electorate this year we’ve got our backs to the wall and the enemy is closing in fast.  

You’ve seen Aliens, right?  With Michael Beihn and Sigourney Weaver?  Remember the pinultimate battle, where Hicks stands on the desk and lifts the ceiling panel, discovering the horrifying truth that the cruel, evil, titular killing machines were only meters away and “inside the room?”  

The marines’ were trying to protect a little girl and their backs were against the wall.  If that wasn’t bad enough, they had a weasel, Carter Burke, sabotaging them from the inside, looking out for himself, running and all but cutting off their only fall-back option.  So what did they do?  They fought.  All hands were on deck (and on pulse rifles) and they made the enemy pay for every inch, minimizing their own losses and finding a way to survive.

Even Hudson, the iconic coward for most of the film, found his nerve, his voice and the trigger.

That’s us, kids.  In case you’ve missed the constant headlines, the enemy is closing in around us.  We aren’t just protecting Newt, but have instead an entire generation of Michiganders, born and unborn, counting on our grit and determination.  The bad guys are “inside the room” and the stakes couldn’t be higher.   Heck, our fall-back route has even been compromised from the inside.  The Associated Press reports:

“We haven’t heard anything from John McCain in weeks and Obama is still on the air,” said David Dulio, an Oakland University political scientist. “I think that turns into a Democratic advantage down the ballot…”

McCain’s campaign pulled out of Michigan more than a month ago, forcing the Michigan Republican Party and GOP candidates like Rep. Joe Knollenberg to find the manpower to make thousands of phone calls, distribute campaign fliers and overcome the doubters in a state where Democrats are favored.

Knollenberg, who has represented much of Oakland County for 16 years, and Rep. Tim Walberg, a freshman in a traditionally reliable GOP district in southern Michigan, are largely fending for themselves against voter unease over job losses, unhappiness with President Bush and concerns about a financial crisis.

So what’s an activist, a concerned friend, neighbor or parent or a conservative blog reader to do?  Grab those proverbial pulse rifles and make them pay for every inch.  Fight of our lives, because we’re all about to see exactly what uncontested and unchecked Democratic control of the legislative process can do to a state like Michigan.  The Dems in Lansing and even at the County level are gearing up for their favorite time of the year, the “lame duck,” and they couldn’t be readier to take more of your money.  

Read on…

According to the Detroit News:

“This is a critical time in Michigan, and we ought to be at work getting as much done as possible,” said House Majority Floor Leader Steve Tobocman, D-Detroit…

(Republican Senate Majority Leader Mike) Bishop termed removal of the business tax surcharge “the most important thing we can do for businesses in this state.”

It would, he said, “send a solid message” that government is on their side.

Tobocman hopes for resolution of “smaller but vital issues” such as the Cobo expansion financing and ethics reform. “I advocate for a very-active lame duck session,” he added.

The Republicans want to kill business taxes.  The Democrats?  Let’s go through that list and add in the important issue we’ve all but been promised that Tobocman somehow forgot.

Cobo expansion = the suburbs (and maybe the rest of us) are going to pay (via tax dollars) to improve Detroit’s Cobo Hall, one of the ugliest facilities in the nation.  

Ethics reforms= Incumbent protection plans.  The Democrats continue to claim this is their issue and the mainstream media continues to peddle the lies without doing so much as a basic fact check.  Case in point, earlier this cycle there were two competing legislative packages that sought to eliminate lifetime benefits for legislators.  The Republican sponsored legislation would have included incumbents.  The Democrats, sponsored by Representative Robert Dean would have guaranteed he and his associates receive expensive taxpayer funded benefits for the rest of their lives while cutting the legs out from under the legislative class of 2009.

Which of those packages seems more “ethical” to you?  

Earlier in the News article there was mention of Tobocman’s property tax legislation.  By way of reminder, this is the legislation that exempts poor people from paying their delinquent property taxes.  Nice idea and all except that local bonds that pay for things like schools don’t care where they get their money or who pays, they’re going to get it either way.  

Say you have a one-hundred dollar bond.  One-hundred homeowners pay one dollar each.  The Democrats want to exempt fifty homeowners who haven’t paid their property taxes.  Swell.  The local bond is still going to collect one-hundred dollars.  That means the fifty homeowners who actually pay their taxes are now going to be forced, by law, to pay TWICE as much.  A 100% tax hike in this scenario.  Brilliant.  Because responsible tax payers need to have their taxes doubled after that $1.5 billion job killing tax hike the Democrats gave us last year.

Oh, and while we’re talking lame duck and tax hikes, let’s not forget Andy Dillon’s semi-promise of a gas tax hike come November 5th.  Remember, earlier this year he told the Road Builders that raising taxes come lame duck was probably going to happen and the News alludes to the scheme briefly in their side-bar.  

Our loyal readers over in Macomb County are in for a double dose of Democrat tax hike shenanigans come next week.  The Ivory Tower says the lefties on the County Commission, Carey Torrice and all, are looking to spike taxes in a big way as soon as possible.

Democrats said there’s little choice but to raise taxes on all property in the spring by 0.4 mills… If approved, a tax hike would raise about $11 million a year and be the first increase in the county in more than 35 years. Voter approval is not required because the hike falls within the maximum allowable rate in the county.

“A tax increase isn’t out of the question,” Commissioner Robert Mijac, D-Sterling Heights, said. “It would be unpopular to do, but we haven’t raised taxes for a long time. We need to balance the budget.”

Republicans criticized any tax increase, saying commissioners should resort to substantial layoffs, demand an end to a pension plan that allows some employees to retire at the age of 50 and reconsider a decision to keep the county’s money-losing nursing home.

America’s hottest politician has always been able to raise my spirits.  I’m just glad I live in Grand Rapids so she isn’t able to raise my taxes.

This all sounds pretty grim, doesn’t it?  Tax hikers and liberals at every turn.  They’re closing in fast and they are consumed with tax lust.  They want your wallet and they’re coming to get it.

But they don’t have it yet.  Our backs are against that wall but we’ve got two days left.  I’m in less of a mood to lay down and quit today than I was last week.  Now let’s move like we’ve got a purpose.