Yeah, yeah, the Dem's arrows will blot out the sun-- Time to fight in the shade

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Even the most casual student of history now knows the story of King Leonidas and the battle of Thermopylae, thanks to 300, a pretty brilliant comic book and the film it inspired.  Three-hundred men, standing alone against the Persian horde, battling not just for life and limb but for a way of life and what was, then, the pinnacle of societal freedom.  

They were outnumbered a bajillion to one.  Fighting in the shade because the enemy arrows were so numerous they would, famously, blot out the sun.  One mission and one hope and one focus… strike where they could, hold while possible and buy as much time as they could manage.

History and legend remember those few men as heroes.  I wonder, sometimes, what our biographers might say should we one day warrant a re-telling.  Of course, the trick of that is, you’ve got to do something worth remembering.

We’re about four and a half days away from the close of the polls here in Michigan.  The Persian horde is closing in around us.  Polls are ugly.  There’s little doubt about our broader fate in many races nationally and even in some races here at home but there are still dozens of contests worth fighting for, tooth and nail.  Races and competitions where our collective input can shift the balance and make the difference.  Ultimately it’s a question of perspective.

We’ve all got two choices right now… stare into the belly of that dark, lumbering beast and despair or look inside ourselves and find the strength to fight on for another half a week.  

Somewhere in your neighborhood there’s a race that matters.  Maybe it’s  your state Rep race.  Get involved.  Maybe it’s a city council race.  Go door-to-door.  Maybe it’s a county clerk or a treasurer.  Make the difference.  Or, if you’re looking to play in the big leagues, there are four big races where your help this last weekend and a day could very well determine the outcome.

Read on for ways to get involved down the home stretch.

Tim Walberg v Mark  Schauer

We’ve often called Mark Schauer “the liar” and he keeps proving us right.  Whether it’s pledging to voters in his state Senate district that he would NOT run for Congress and then running for Congress or asking other folks to lie for him, the man’s integrity wouldn’t stretch from here to the next room.

The Adrian Daily Telegram reports this morning that in his latest television advertisement Schauer hired actors and already-employed campaign supporters to claim, on camera, that they are unemployed.

Mark, this is Michigan.  You taxed the heck out of job makers and moms and dads last year.  There are a LOT of unemployed people in your district.  Why not pay THEM to appear in your television commercials since they’re, you know, actually unemployed?

Interestingly, it was a blogger who outed Schauer on the whole scheme.  A blogger who was in the room, on the set and in front of the cameras that day… bragging. Of course he’s since yanked the post from his website, realizing he’d exposed his favorite liberal for the lying skeeze that he is, but it was too late.  We’re onto the whole jig now and there are saved copies of the webpage to prove it.

This race is still neck and neck.  Do you live in or around the 7th Congressional District?  Are you going to volunteer or help the Congressman get one more TV ad up on the air?

Joe Knollenberg v Yoooooouuuuur Lottery Commissioner v Doctor Death

The Ivory Tower even reports this morning that Gary Peters and his people are lying liars and that the truth is not in them.  Rarely has Democratic campaign deceit been better exemplified than in an ad up and running that claims Knollenberg has “one of the worst records on animal cruelty in the country.” (He gets the same “score” from the national humane society as neighboring Congressman John Dingell, a hyper-liberal Democrat.)

How do they back that claim?  Knollenberg didn’t co-sponsor enough special interest legislation.

Seriously?  That amounts to animal cruelty?  Hey, Gary, you haven’t cosponsored ANY animal protection stuff in DC these past few years.  Let me guess, you spend your weekends driving around Mount Pleasant stuffing puppies in plastic bags then dropping them out the window of your moving car?

Still, despite Peters desperation and nut-job hyperbole, this race is close.  Do you care?  Are you in or around the 9th Congressional District?  Are you going to volunteer or help Congressman Knollenberg get one last appeal up on television?

Cliff Taylor v That crazy Democrat no one’s ever heard of

A poll released last night shows Diane Hathaway leading this race with 20% of the vote.  Not BY 20%.  WITH 20%.  There’s a 57 some odd percent who claim still to be undecided.  That’s because this is a non-partisan, down ballot race and no one knows who the heck Diane Hathaway is.  Ask the Democrats.  Even they can’t tell you, as evidenced by their million dollar campaign effort (that Stryker money’s got to be spent on something) they’ve got going that’s EXCLUSIVELY negative.  So negative, and so full of lies (notice a theme developing here?) that TV stations have even refused to air one of their advertisements.

I don’t have to tell anyone reading this blog how important this race is and how devastating a loss would be.  But here we are, with four and a half days to go, and there’s work still to be done.  

This is a statewide race.  No excuses.  This weekend are you going to volunteer to walk your neighborhood or scratch a check to help combat the liberals’ lies?

Mad scientists v babies

Of course there are a couple of ballot proposals floating around out there too and that same poll that shows Hathaway with the support of a staggering 20% of the electorate also shows Prop 2 leading by 2 points.  That’s well within the margin of error but it speaks to the fact that this issue is close.

We’ve discussed it and we’ve dissected it (if the mad scientists will forgive my use of that term) and we’ve put it back together again (something the mad scientists CAN’T do after they kill a living human embryo) and now it’s on each and every one of us to get things done over the weekend.

Are you a church goer?  Have you spoken to your Sunday school class about the issue?  Have you asked your pastor to address it from the pulpit?  (If you’re a Catholic I have every confidence your priest already has.)

Have you walked your neighborhood and talked to your friends and family members and explained the complexities of the issue?  Have you helped them cut through the “bull?”

If you’ve watched any TV this last month you know one thing, whoever MiCause has doing their ads is beating the pants off the opposition’s firm, Joe Slade White (in New York).  Will you help make a little more air time possible?

No excuses.  Time’s running short.  

I’ve often recounted one of my favorite John Elway interviews, where he told his questioner that despite three bad, lopsided, painful Super Bowl losses he most wanted to be remembered as a guy who gave sixty minutes and left everything out on the field.  As a guy who did his part to the best of HIS ability, whatever that ability was.  That hopefully in the end his effort would pay off.

I don’t know about you but I plan on leaving everything out on that field these next four days.  You’re welcome to join me.