Halloween in Michigan: Trick or Treeeaa... ummm... Trick?

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Want to scare your neighbors this Halloween?  Dress your kid up like a pink slip or a foreclosure notice.  OK, sure, that might be in bad taste but it’d certainly be topical.

Besides, there’s good news, metro Detroiters!  The Associated Press just spoke with Patrick Anderson at the Anderson Economic Group and they’re revising the job-loss predictions that come along with what now appears to be an almost certain merger between General Motors and Chrysler.  

Reports initially claimed that 40,000 jobs were on the chopping block but new numbers say it’s only 35,000.  Factor in the world-famous union-backed Michigan “automobile job multiplier” and that’s nothing more than a piddly little 168,000 jobs lost.  Bah.  To steal a phrase from Gerard Butler, THIS.  IS.  MICHIGAN!

We lose hundreds of jobs every day.  Thousands every month.  Do the universe and all of her karmic forces really think 168,000 more Michigan jobs down the toilet will have any effect on us?  

Shoot, I’ll go ahead and make a bold prediction…

Read on…

We’ve had Democrats running this show for years.  Six years in the Governor’s office.  It’s been eight years now since we last had a Republican in the United States Senate.  The Dems control the House of Representatives and a Republican hasn’t sniffed elected office in the Motor City itself for a generation.  All of that power and all of that control and all of the promises and pledges and assurances that come with every election cycle and an electorate that is positively buzzing over one word in particular, “CHANGE,” and at least half of the state is going to vote for the status quo.

There’s your definition of insanity, folks.  Heck, not even friends and neighbors and loved ones losing their homes seems to have any effect on the lefty masses, though I suppose that’s not entirely accurate.  Rampant Michigan foreclosures might not affect the way Democrats vote next Tuesday but it’s having a pretty real effect on how they vote this Friday.  The Detroit News reports that parents are voting with their feet, and their minivans and carpools, and are looking to beat a path away from economically troubled neighborhoods this Halloween.  Empty houses might not mean a change in their voting behavior but they sure do put a cramp in trick-or-treating.

In several Metro Detroit neighborhoods battered by home foreclosures, the spookiest thing this Halloween is the dramatic numbers of empty homes and “For Sale” signs. With as many as 63,453 homes now for sale in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Livingston counties — many of them empty — once-well-lighted houses now sit vacant, and some parents say they’ll be seeking greener trick-or-treating pastures elsewhere. Several of those who stay behind are stocking fewer bags of candy.

Venturing to other neighborhoods for better candy is nothing new, but safety concerns now are sending parents to neighborhoods far away from the scatter of dark, empty homes.

“When you go further out, there’s more kids outside,” said Jacquelyn Oliver, a mother of three who lives in the southern end of Southfield. In that area, an estimated one of every 24 homes is in foreclosure this year, according to Oakland County officials.

I’m a positive sort of guy.  One of every 24 homes in foreclosure isn’t a problem, it’s an opportunity.  Congressional Democrats, including Barack Obama and Carl Levin just rammed through this massive bailout of Wall Street, and they’re pumping all of this cash into the banks.  Why not ask for something in return!  Take those empty houses off their hands and give them, free of charge, to the 168,000 workers expected to lose their jobs in this big new auto merger.

What’s that you say?  Crazy?  You can’t give free houses to people?  Why not?  Redistribution of wealth, redistribution of houses, what’s the difference.

OK, I’d better stop.  The REAL scary thing?  We’ve got an entire political party who’d actually take a cue from that exercise in absurdity and might just try to make it happen.  To each according to his need, right Barack?

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