Jon Stryker's back and spending like a drunken sailor

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The numbers are in and boy does Jon Stryker like tossing around money.  After doling out a record shattering $4.8 million in 2006 on some of the most vicious, negative personal attack ads Michigan has ever seen, the radical gay-special-rights advocate is doing his best to top himself, spending, as of Monday, a staggering $4.24 million trying to win a few more seats in the state House this cycle.

Do the math and here on the home front we have one man, maybe the most liberal man in the entire state of Michigan, spending over $9 million on local legislative races in just the last four years.  

In 2006 he met with great success.  Amidst a national Democratic tsunami, Stryker’s railroad baron type spending flipped he state House from solidly GOP to solidly liberal Dem.  This year the lefties are steepling their fingers and laughing maniacally at the prospect of adding another eight to ten seats to what is already an unshakeable Democratic majority.  And they all have one man to thank.

Stryker’s spending spree is uniquely and unquestionably responsible for the overwhelming Dem control of the state’s lower chamber.  One man.  One agenda.  Gay special rights.  OK, two agendas… he also likes monkeys.  Since the great ape is not indigenous to the state of Michigan let’s focus on his other legislative priorities.

Read on…

When you personally shift the balance of legislative power and sixty or sixty-five members of the House of Representatives owe their power and position to you and you alone you’ve got some pull.  When you’ve got a Governor willing to back your play at every disastrous turn you can accomplish almost anything you want.  One thing standing in his way… Mike Bishop and the Michigan Senate.  And God bless them for it.

Without that slim GOP control of the upper legislative body over the next two years just imagine the staggering possibilities.

The economy is in the tank and revenues are down.  Papa Jon says raise taxes.

There may very well be a debate over whether or not homosexuality is a choice… certainly the abandoned spouses and families of once straight men would argue that their abandoners made a choice to marry, a choice to start a family and then a choice to leave it behind in pursuit of an “alternative” lifestyle, a phrase itself that implies choice, but Papa Jon says his willful behavioral choices should be defined in law with the same protections afforded racial and ethnic minorities.  So let it be spoken.  So let it be done.  

And hey, why miss out on the chance to enlighten school kids about the possibility that they too might be gay.  Start teaching it in the schools.  Barack Obama once supported sex ed for kindergarteners.  Why not add a day or two to the session for gay sex ed.  Papa Jon wants it, Papa Jon gets it.

In the House and in the Governor’s mansion, who is going to say no?

Better question… who can afford to?

But all is not lost.  We’ve got the Senate and a two year buffer against leftist policies miles out of the mainstream.  Mike Bishop is going to have to play the part of Davy Crockett over the next few years.  Hold the Alamo, boys, while we reorganize the army.

And next week, we can send a signal and tell Papa Jon that our votes can’t be bought.  

He’s spending millions on House races.  Vote for the conservative.  Call your family and friends and tell them to vote conservative.  And then on election day, one week from today, stop by a few houses on your way to the polls and bring folks with you to vote conservative.

Of course, when you’ve got the kind of cash Stryker’s got you can spend on more than just the House, too.  He’s investing in the Diane Hathaway campaign.  Get out there and support Cliff Taylor.  

And he’s poured $100,000 into supporting fatal experimentation on living human beings via Prop 2.  Spread the word about the dangers of unrestricted human experiments and the promise of other forms of research.

The Supreme Court race and the ballot question are each more than winnable.  Let’s get this done and send Jon Stryker and his liberal cronies a message… they might be able to buy sixty votes in the House of Representatives… but they can’t buy ours.

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