Danialle Karmanos making waves in Wayne State race

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2008 is a down year for conservatives, just don’t tell that to Danialle Karmanos. The south-east Michigan Republican has a fighting chance to do something no one in her position has been able to accomplish in more than a few years… nab a seat on the Wayne State Board of Governors with an “R” after her name.

Karmanos is running on a pretty radical platform.  She’s traveling the state telling folks that she will demand spending and ethical accountability from both educators and administrators and is promising that she’ll “hold the line” on spending so that every dollar the school receives is spent well and to benefit the students, not any of the other interests that so often find their way into governing body actions.

Yes, she’s going to work to get from Lansing every dollar she possibly can for the school, as any responsible member of the BoG would, but she’s also signaling an end to the days of free rides and zero accountability for one of the state’s biggest universities.

Not you’re typical Board of Governors campaign fare.  Normally in these sorts of contests you hear “School X is the best, isn’t it,” “rah, rah, rah,” “I graduated from school X so vote for me.”  This campaign is different and I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that it’s because this candidate is different…

Read on…

If the name sounds familiar it is because you, sir or madame, are a keen Detroit observer.  Danialle has been involved in a variety of statewide and Detroit-based community efforts for years.  She’s a founding member of the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and does extensive work with the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.  

She’s also the founder of “Work it Out, a health and wellness program targeted at at-risk youth.

Then again, the name might sound familiar because you’re a hockey fan.  Danialle’s husband is Peter Karmanos, the owner of the 2006 Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes NHL franchise.  He’s also the owner of Compuware and the driving force behind the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute (named for his late first wife).

If you’ve had an opportunity to listen to Danialle speak, or have spoken with her personally you know how passionate she is about this race, and that sort of juice is what it’s going to take to put her over the top.  She’ll tell you openly and honestly that if she’s elected “Wayne State won’t know what hit `em.”

These governing body races aren’t used to that sort of energy and discourse and it couldn’t come at a better time for Michigan conservatives.  Mix her name with her drive and an on-fire message and we’ve got a pick-up opportunity here that the Democrats never saw coming.  

Over the next couple of weeks pay attention to the name and tell your friends. Let’s give her the nudge she needs to make it over the top.  

Oh, and did I mention, she graduated from Wayne State?