MI Senate-- Hoping for a little change in Michigan

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So you say you want hope?  You say we need change?  Real change from the way things have been done the last few years?  Are you hoping for a dramatic change (as opposed to a wooden and laconic change)?  Hey, join the club.  Things are a mess here in Michigan and they just keep getting worse.  So let’s talk about change.  Let’s talk about what we can do here locally.  Let’s talk about a change we can make to kick out one of the bums who has occupied a cozy seat in Washington, D.C. not for the last four years, not for the last eight but for the last umpteen-and-twelve.  

Just hold your horses for a moment though.  Unlike the lefties who teach jr. high kids to march in front of a camera chanting “Alpha, Omega, Alpha, Omega” about their pseudo-false-messianic leader, we do things a little bit differently here on the right.  Let’s lay out the case for change.  Exhibit A, if you’ll allow, the presence last week of North Dakota poachers hunting employees to help fill their massive job vacancies out west (in the midst of a global economic crisis, mind you).  The Ivory Tower poaches the Grand Rapids Press:

Tracy Finneman of the North Dakota Department of Commerce was surprised by Saturday’s turnout at the Mega Employment Expo (in Grand Rapids). She says job fairs in North Dakota don’t draw nearly as many people, since most of them already have work.

North Dakota’s seasonally unadjusted unemployment rate in August was 3.3 percent, and officials there project a shortage of 16,000 workers in the next two years. Michigan’s seasonally adjusted jobless rate that month was 8.9 percent, worst in the nation.

Just wait until this month’s numbers come out.  Ready for a change yet?  I know, I know, but wait, there’s more!  Once a week or so during the 06 campaign we’d read a report that an economic recovery was right around the corner.  

Michigan would add jobs by early 2007 they promised.  Then it was mid-2007.  Then it was last-quarter, 2007.  Summer 2008, promise.  No, wait, fall.  OK, spring-summer 2009.  Nevermind… hold on, let’s revise it again.  

Read on…

The Detroit News, ladies and gentlemen:

Hope among many Michigan economists that the state could see a mild economic recovery late next year is being wiped away by mounting fears of a global recession…

The state’s continuing struggle is evident in the results of a survey of 700 small-business owners in Michigan during the summer that found access to credit for expanding small firms had hit a low in the 15 years the survey has been taken. Only 38 percent of responding firms said they had favorable access to loans.

“The expansion plans of many businesses, in all sectors, are being frozen out,” Fowler said. “Job growth that would be happening in the near future is now stalled.”

And the Big 3?  Not only might they become the Big 2, as GM and Chrysler suddenly talk merger, but last month’s auto sales were the lowest in a decade and a half.  The News reports that according to JD Power and Associates the global auto industry may just face an “outright collapse” next year.

Brilliant.  Guess those out-of-control gas prices didn’t exactly help the situation, though thank goodness they’ve dropped a little bit in the last couple of weeks.  Not that they’re back under $3 just yet.  I don’t know about you but that’s something I’D sure like to change.  

Let’s put a finer point on it… six years ago a gallon of gasoline cost less than half of what it costs now.  That’s quite the spike.  So what do you say, join me on the change bandwagon?  It’s time we sent the consummate Washington insider packing.  Time for Carl Levin to go.

Folks say that it’d take a miracle to defeat the thirty-eight-term incumbent senior senator but hey, the Associated Press actually gave Jack Hoogendyk some ink yesterday afternoon and if that doesn’t prove that miracles DO happen I’m not sure what does.

The average statewide cost for regular unleaded gasoline was $3.27 per gallon as of Friday, according to AAA Michigan. The price topped $4 at times this summer, very different from the $1.55 per gallon Michigan motorists were paying in October 2002…

Hoogendyk said he would boost domestic oil production by supporting offshore drilling and tapping the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which he says can be done without harming the environment.

Levin has opposed drilling in areas such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Great Lakes because “drilling could have devastating and permanent effects on fragile ecosystems.”

Not drilling, Senator, is having a devastating and permanent effect on the fragile ecosystem of my wallet and the national economy.  And let’s not forget, shan’t we, that rising gas prices are a regressive cost.  They affect those with the least ability to pay more than they affect your favorite villain, “the rich.”  

Carl Levin hasn’t had to fill his own gas tank since he made it to Washington back around the time Michigan gained statehood.  The young married couple who live across the street from me in a one-story, two-bedroom house and struggle to pay the bills every month?  These gas prices kick them in the backside every time they gas up to make it to work in the morning.  I’m more worried about their ability to provide for the cute little kids who play out in the front yard, beautifully oblivious to their parents’ financial struggles than I am about a nest of arctic mosquitoes in ANWR.

So let’s all make a commitment here in mid-October… let’s send Jack Hoogendyk to D.C. and Carl Levin to a North Dakota job fair, shall we?  Maybe then even those of us who can’t afford his fancy fundraisers can hope for a little change at the gas pump.