And I find it kind of funny, I find it kind of sad...

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Nice to wake up on a Friday morning and to discover that the world is still every bit as backwards and maddening as it was when you went to bed Thursday night. Frankly, I’m not sure what I’d do if I ever woke up and found a sudden outbreak of sanity running roughshod over the state and across the newspaper headlines. Thank goodness it doesn’t look like I’ll have to find out anytime soon.

And if I’m ever stricken with an illogical fear that it might I can just grab a copy of the New York Times to shock my system back into reality.  “All the news that’s fit to print… and a lot of other stuff we make up along the way.”  That’s the newer, more accurate tagline of the nation’s most prestigious fish-wrap.  This week they reported that a handful of states, including Michigan, have somehow violated the law by purging tens of thousands of eligible voters from the registration lists.  Michigan, they claim, purged 33,000 folks in August alone.

The clear implication is that the actions of the Republican Secretary of State and her bureau of elections are actively attempting to disenfranchise Democrats and to somehow swing election day in John McCain’s favor.  One tiny little problem… Michigan did NOT purge 33,000 voters from the rolls in August.  In fact, the reporter who filed the story never even spoke with anyone at the Bureau of Elections or anywhere else at the Secretary of State’s office.  They returned her call promptly but she’d already filed her story.

Apparently the Times is sending their reporters to the same school of journalism as the Michigan Messenger.  

Read on…

The Associated Press reports:

Michigan elections director Chris Thomas said the state removed only people who have died, notified authorities of a move or who were declared unfit to vote, which is well within the parameters of the law. Thomas said only 11,000 voters were removed from Michigan rolls in August — not 33,000, the figure cited in the report.

“There is no illegal purging going on,” Thomas told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The response out of New York?  `Well, our numbers say 33,000.  I don’t know why they’re different.’  Comforting.

I know what many of you are thinking… or maybe screaming at your computer screens.  It’s the New York Times.  They’re the “liberal lion” of print media.  They’re a DNC press release rag.  They’re not just in the tank for the Democrats, they ARE the tank.  Yeah, you’re right.  I get it.  But the sort of lies they’re advancing with this BS hit piece are still dangerous.

It’s easy from Michigan to talk about how they lied about Michigan but your average undecided independent voter in New Hampshire doesn’t read RightMichigan or MIRS or even the Detroit Free Press.  As far as they’re concerned there are uncontested reports coming out of the nation’s most prominent rag that say McCain and the Republicans are trying to disenfranchise Democrats.  

And all without documentation, background, a quote or any serious investigation. Ah, the mainstream media.  

But they aren’t the only ones completely off their rockers.  The Detroit News reports this morning that the new Mayor of the City of Detroit is picking up where Governor Granholm left off.  He’s thinking about hiring a taxpayer funded personal assistant for his wife.  

“That’s going to raise some eyebrows,” said Ken Reed, of the Institute for Public Policy and Institutional Awareness, a Detroit-based community activist group. “Why does she need an assistant?”

The revelation comes as staffers confirmed that Kimberly Cockrel quit her job as a teacher at Burton International Public School and began work this week in community relations for the Detroit Medical Center.

A spokeswoman for the hospital, Lori Mouton, said the first lady was offered the job in May, but asked the Detroit Medical Center to let her wait until now so she could spend more time with her five children. Mouton couldn’t cite Cockrel’s salary.

Apparently it wasn’t all about the children, eh, Madame first lady?  Leaving your kids in the middle of the school year to take a cushy job because of your hubby’s new job?  I can see why the woman might need a personal assistant.  Obviously she’s going to be very busy what with all of that lobbying she’ll be doing at home on behalf of the DMC.  

Gotta love Wayne County politics.  Do they breed them any shadier?  Meanwhile, Circuit Judge Kathleen MacDonald proves Gary Jules right by ordering the teachers in the Wayne – Westland school district back to class today without penalty. According to the Ivory Tower, school administrators who just saw their students left in the streets for four days aren’t particularly happy.

The school board is waiting for its attorneys to see whether there is room to appeal, board Vice President Skip Monit said.

“This was an illegal action,” Monit said after the hearing. “How can we face our students and tell them something illegal’s happened and there won’t be consequences?”

The week after the 2006 campaign ended I was strung out.  I’d been on the road for two years, had rarely slept in my own bed and was lucky if I’d gotten ten total hours of sleep in the last fourteen days.  It didn’t help that we’d lost and inexplicably, the people of Michigan voted to continue down the path the Governor’s led us these last couple of years.

Nothing made much sense.  In many of the same ways, very little makes sense today.  My outlet in November of 2006?  I ran out and bought an Xbox 360 and a fancy new game that allowed you to kill aliens with a chainsaw, Gears of War. Haven’t thought of it much since beating the game that week… wonder if it still works.