Embryonic stem cell research obsoleted... AGAIN!

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First scientists developed super-ultra-multi-purpose stem cells from umbilical cord and menstrual blood.  Stem cells that have already created hundreds of peer reviewed cures and treatments that everyday improve the lives of countless Americans.  

Then researchers in Japan found a way to harvest cells from adult wisdom teeth that are all but mirror images of embryonic stem cells and every bit as malleable.  In other words, they do the exact same thing and without the destruction of human life.  

Don’t want to talk mirror images?  Fine.  Embryonic stem cell researchers are specifically attempting to harvest something called “pluripotent stem cells.”  These are the cells that they can change and alter and manipulate to become whatever their pointy little heads desire.  Earlier this year researchers discovered a way to harvest these EXACT SAME cells from adult skin cells.  Without destroying a single embryo.

Now, according to this morning’s Detroit News, scientists in Germany have discovered a way to reach one step beyond embryonic stem cells in the procreation process and have successfully converted cells from human testes into stem cells that grew into muscle, nerve cells and other kinds of tissue.

Almost everywhere you care to look you find scientists conducting life-saving and life improving research and creating stem cells left and right, all without destroying a single human life, however tiny or early in the developmental process.  I say almost everywhere because there’s one state in particular that has become caught up and consumed in the lies and hyperbole of a handful of men and women who would rather ignore medical science and saving lives than make some sort of twisted point.  

There are folks out there who support the destruction of human embyos for the pursuit of, well, no one really knows what.  This year they’ve even got a ballot proposal, Prop 2, and a big fancy committee (Cure Michigan) funded with millions of dollars and running ads on TV.  The “benefits” they hope to gain have already been achieved in other places and could easily be transferred to Michigan.  The destruction of human embryos is, LITERALLY, unnecessary and, in fact, obsolete, yet they persist.  They might as well be pushing to make Michigan the hotbed of research into new ways of creating VHS tapes and a better VCR.

Cure Michigan and Proposal 2 aren’t just bad policy.  It isn’t just that they destroy human embryos.  It isn’t just that they open the door to taxpayer funding of human embryo destruction.  It isn’t just that they open the door to cloning advocates.  It isn’t just that they strip Michiganders of any and all oversight.  It is that they do it all when they needn’t do any of it.  When doing any or all of it won’t boost Michigan or research or stem cell development or the creation of cures or treatments one single microbe.

Their stated purpose has already been accomplished elsewhere.  If there are really millions and millions in research dollars out there to create Michigan jobs to study stem cells, why not do everything in Lansing’s power to make Michigan a hotbed for the cutting edge research they’re doing in Germany and Japan?  

Why not?

Hey, look, I don’t mean to go all Jack Van Impe on you guys but if you can come up with something better than Isaiah 5:20, fill me in, because otherwise I’m lost.

Prop 2 only accomplishes ONE thing that the ethically sound research being done everywhere else across the globe doesn’t… it destroys human lives.  That’s it.  That’s all.  That’s the only difference.  

Not in my State and not in my name.  2 doesn’t just go “2” far… for the love of all that’s good and holy, 2 is obsolete and unnecessary.  Tell your friends.