Scared Straight: Granholm to Supreme Court Should Motivate EVERYONE to Vote McCain

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And to bring five or six friends with you when you go to the polls.  MLive is reporting this morning that Governor Granholm may well be on Barack Obama’s short list for a nomination to the Supreme Court.  Of the United States of America.  For life.  

Say the Barackstar wins.  Say John Paul Stevens decides next year, at 89, that he’ll seize the opportunity to step down.  Now imagine that Jennifer Granholm is nominated and that what is likely to be a nearly overwhelming Democratic majority in the Senate passes her easily through confirmation hearings.  

Say she puts on the black robe at age 50 and serves as long as Justice Stevens.

Imagine that for a moment.  Let it sink in.  Let it disturb you.  Let it frighten you.  You think we’ve had it bad in Michigan for the last six years?  Think you’re going to have a hard time surviving the next two?  I know some of you out there may even comfort yourself with the knowledge that if things get much worse, heaven forbid, at least you could get away from the woman and her failed policies by heading for the state’s southern border.

Where are you going to go to survive the next thirty-nine years?  Imagine never being able to wake up from this particular nightmare… that she becomes a fixture in the Supreme Court of the United States.  

I don’t know about you, but that vision does more to motivate me to turn out the vote for John McCain than any staff or paid presence he might have in the state, more than any television commercial he might run, more than any issue he might seize, more than any debate he might dominate (as he did last night)… more maybe even than the selection of a woman like Sarah Palin as his running mate.  

Four years of Jennifer Granholm was enough.  Six has been unbearable.  Eight will almost certainly make me prematurely grey.  Thirty-nine more?!  I’ll be calling through my personal contacts again tonight to make sure they’re ready to turn out to vote McCain on November 4th.