Breaking: The Sun Expected to Rise Today

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After yesterday’s McCain backed sucker-punch to the collective Michigan gut I think we can all probably use a little bit of good news this morning.  A little cheering up. Stiffen that upper lip, bucky, the world hasn’t completely gone to crap.

Just take a look at Lansing!  I know… shock.  Awe.  Something positive in the Capitol City.  The Associated Press reports on yesterday’s Senate action that saw the Republican majority back up their tough talk by actually passing legislation to roll back the Democrats’ massive 22% surcharge on the Michigan Business Tax.

The move delighted the business community and garnered some Democratic votes, too. The unresolved question: How to offset the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue for state government?

The legislation passed 26-12 and was sent across the Capitol to the Democratic-led House. A spokeswoman for Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm said she would be open to Michigan Business Tax adjustments if they were “pared with reforms that can save the state money…”

Senate Democrats accused the Republican majority of “shooting from the hip…”

Shooting from the hip?  Let’s put it in those terms, then… Michigan is in a fight to save jobs.  To keep jobs.  To create jobs.  It’s a 50 state royal rumble.  Everyone’s competing for the same slice of the pie and things are turning ugly.  Bullets are whizzing by on the left and on the right, to the north and the south and local jobs keep getting killed.  

The onrushing hordes are closing in around us and picking off our job makers one by one.  We have job creation weapons at our disposal but the Democrats have holstered them and snapped them in tight.  A couple of times they’ve pushed them so hard into the holster they’ve actually gone off and fired a round or two into our own feet.  

And now that the GOP (and several of their own lefty members) vote to return fire the Democrats are upset about the way they’re doing it?  Hey, shoot from the hip, the toes or the top of your pointy little liberal heads.  For the love of Pete, just return fire!  Defend Michigan jobs!

Read on…

That’s precisely what the Senate Republicans did yesterday.  They started a conversation and a dialogue that’s about a year over-due.  The bill moves over to the House now where the onus is on Andy Dillon and his tax hike caucus to do the right thing or to opt, again, for higher taxes.  But the dialogue has begun.  That’s good news.

Example number two, local Detroit news radio station WWJ proves that journalistic integrity does exist in some small pockets of the MSMiverse.  If that isn’t nice to hear I’m not sure what is.  To quote many of my friends from Ottawa Hills High School circa 1997, “what had happened was…”

News reporter Karen Dinkins went to cover an Obama rally.  She went as a reporter and on the clock.  She wore a Barack Obama t-shirt, proclaiming for everyone in attendance that she was in the tank for the Democrat.  She went on the air.  She broadcast.  Someone NARC’d.  Buh-bye, Karen.  

The Detroit News reports on the reporters dismissal:

Georgeann Herbert, WWJ’s director of programming, said in a statement that Dinkins compromised the station’s objectivity by wearing the T-shirt.

“(The station) believes that our credibility with our listeners rests on the independence of our newsroom staff,” the statement said. “WWJ does not favor any candidate, party or issue.

“While we encourage employees to exercise their rights as citizens, we expect them to be on guard against any actual or perceived conflict of interest when covering news stories.”

Dinkins was not, and frankly, she seems to be handling her dismissal like a pro.  See?  Sunshine.

But wait… there’s more.

Dodge is expected to launch a redesigned Charger for 2010.  That might not excite the rest of you but it does wonders for me.  The Charger legacy is pretty awesome and I officially can’t wait to see the altered lines and upgrades!  Can we say “coupe,” anyone?  Pretty please?  Repeat after me…. “two doors.”  

See?  Good news.  Positive developments.  I hope.  Now let’s win today.