Keeping the MSM Honest: "Life long Democrats" are NOT Swing Voters

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This morning’s Detroit News features an article detailing the return of the “Reagan Democrats” and the importance Michigan’s independent and cross-over voters have as we help elect the next leader of the free world.  There’s a picture of a burly looking Macomb County man, scraggly hair and blue jeans, sitting in front of his big black motorcycle, because apparently he is the face of the swing voter.  But don’t bother reading the article… you won’t learn anything you didn’t already know.  In fact, the entire piece does nothing but discuss Democrats who are going to vote Democrat.  Because apparently that’s news.  

Louis Aguilar managed to write an entire column about the importance of South East Michigan’s swing voters without finding a single one.  In fact, I’m not entirely unconvinced he didn’t just drive up to the Macomb County Democratic Party headquarters to speak with their volunteers.

Read on…

Turns out Frank Hendrick, a laid-off toolmaker, “can’t stand” President Bush.  The article quotes him most extensively as he rails against NAFTA, the President’s handling of the economy and a war that Mr. Hendrick has very little stomach for.

Then there’s Chuck Kulikowski (vintage Macomb County), the black-clad bike rider featured on the front page of the paper’s website.  Certainly he’s more “undecided” than Mr. Hendrick.  No.  He says he’s a lifelong Democrat and he’s voting Obama.  

Maybe Ken Hrera is a genuine undecided Reagan Democrat.  Wait, no, he doesn’t like John McCain, doesn’t think he relates and is voting Obama.

Well Harold Perryman, a 51 year old member of the Service Employee International Union wraps up the article so certainly he’s undecided.  “I’ve been supportive of Obama for a long time,” the Detroiter said.  So much for that.  

Fair and balanced reporting.  Or hack work that would have looked partisan on a liberal blog.  I report, YOU decide.  

But don’t let the MSM fool you.  Michigan is up for grabs and big burly Macomb County men (and petite Kent County hockey moms) will decide it.  Or they won’t.  But they might.  And since they might Washington DC turned on the Christmas carols a couple of months early, dressed the whole city up in a big red suit and started shouting “Ho Ho Ho.”  (Save the Carey Torrice jokes.)  All that’s left is for the President and members of Congress to grow fluffy white beards.  They’re already passing out presents.  Just read the REST of the headlines this morning:

The Associated Press tells us that “Bush signs sprawling bill, automakers land $25B in loans!”

The Ivory Tower trumpets “Michigan gets $263.6 million for housing crisis!”

OK, so the exclamation marks are mine.  But you can bet your bottom dollar (since that’s about all most of us here in the Great Lakes state have left these days) that if AP form permitted the use of punctuation at the end of headlines they’d have been there.

The good folks in Washington know we’re hurting.  They know this is an election year.  They know we’re a swing state.  They know that despite the media’s efforts to say otherwise, some big burly biker dudes might actually be undecided.  And for our votes, they give… well, give or attempt to buy… semantics.

That housing crisis cash, the third biggest total in the United States.  Only Florida and California got more.  The Tower reports that the total includes nearly $100 million for use statewide while the rest is allocated to 22 specific cities and counties including, you guessed it, Wayne, Oakland and Macomb.  The $25 BILLION in loans for the Big 3, that’s all headed to metro Detroit as well.  You’d think swing voters lived there or something.

Quick… someone call the Detroit News.