Three new Michigan polls: Liberal Media (all but) ignores survey that shows McCain lead

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As I read recent poll numbers here in Michigan and across the United States, two things jump right out at me.  First, let’s cut the bologna sandwiches… Barack Obama is clearly surging.  Second, he’s built so big a lead in states like Michigan that his volunteers obviously needn’t worry and can probably take the rest of the election season off.  Just go home, turn on the TV, spend time with your cats and don’t waste another thought on an election that’s all but over.

But here’s the thing, the Democrats won’t do that (quit working, I mean).  They understand one thing that is easily forgotten when you read a couple of news stories about how far behind your guy stands… this thing is forty days from being over.

Obviously not the impression the MSM is trying to give us this morning, though.  Case in point, Presidential polls commissioned and performed in Michigan and released the last day or two.  Here’s what we read in the Detroit News:

The survey shows likely voters here prefer Obama over Republican John McCain, 48 percent to 38 percent, a nine-point jump in Obama’s lead from the last EPIC-MRA poll, released just last week…

The survey of 400 likely voters, conducted from Saturday to Monday, has an error margin of 5 percentage points — which means that Obama’s 10-point advantage would still remain technically within the margin of error.

The Associated Press tries and fails to be thorough by reporting the results of the Democratic pollster’s survey and tosses in the results of a just-concluded CNN / Time / Opinion Research poll:

THE NUMBERS: Barack Obama 49 percent, John McCain 43 percent, Ralph Nader 3 percent, Bob Barr 2 percent, Cynthia McKinney 1 percent, undecided 1 percent

What the AP doesn’t tell you, and what you have to dig to the tenth of twelve paragraphs in the News to discover is that there was a third presidential preference poll concluded in Michigan in recent days.  Marketing Research Group, sort or the EPIC / MRA of the right, has numbers indicating a three point McCain lead.  

EPIC = Obama by 10
CNN = Obama by 6
MRG = McCain by 3

Remember, a poll is a “snapshot in time.”  It’s a picture.  A glimpse.  It captures the mood and the feelings of a specific time and place.  The current financial crisis on Wall Street has reminded folks that they aren’t particularly happy with their current crop of leadership and many of them are responding to pollsters by telling them they prefer a partisan change.

We don’t have to think back very far here in Michigan to a time when survey after survey showed voters angry at the current crop of leadership amidst economic catastrophe and we know how that election turned out… they sent the current leadership back to Lansing.

Point being, there’s a lot of time, a lot of dynamics and a lot of news yet to be made.  It’d just be nice if our friends in the mainstream media did their jobs and actually reported it.

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