Urgent Action Alert: An Hour or Two to Change the World!

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Obama 43, McCain 42, Undecided 10.  Toss in a little Ralph Nader / Bob Barr action and you get to 100.  That’s the latest word from Bernie Porn and the Democrats favorite opinion research outfit, EPIC /MRA.  The survey, published late yesterday morning by the Associated Press confirms for us what we non-kool-aid drinkers have known since the end of the primaries… this thing is close here in Michigan.  

This despite unprecedented (rapturously) positive media coverage for the Senator Obama, unparalleled negative (“gotcha”) media coverage of Governor Palin and a year and a half of voters being told that the race was effectively over.  

Less glamorous but also critically important is what the pro-GOP shift enables the Party to do in local elections.  Congressmen Joe Knollenberg and Tim Walberg continue to outpoll their Democratic rivals, despite unending cash and undetectable scruples from their opponents and the Michigan House of Representatives, which most pundits figured to shift six or eight seats deeper into Dem control suddenly looks less bleak.

We have an opportunity.  We have forty-four days.  What are we going to do with them?

If you’ll allow me to make a simple suggestion… DO SOMETHING!  Anything even.  

Let’s consider this an official Urgent Action Alert for the RightMichigan blogging community.  We’ve gotten pretty good at sitting behind our computers and discussing the issues that matter to us and that’s more important than many people recognize… but now is the time for all hands on deck.  It’s time to register a voter.  To spend an afternoon going door-to-door.  To drop-off yard signs for every Republican in your precinct.  To devote an evening to a local candidate’s phone bank.

Read on…

On that first note, time’s running short.  Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land reminds us in the Ivory Tower that R-Day is upon us:

Register to vote: The registration deadline for the Nov. 4 election is Monday, Oct. 6. Stop by any Secretary of State office, visit your city or township clerk, or download the mail-in application from the Michigan Voter Information Center at www.Michigan.gov/vote.

On the second, third and fourth points, let’s not get left out in the cold.  Join the shin-dig!  The Detroit News reports:

McCain’s regional communications director Sarah Lenti said his campaign tries to appeal to the entire voting public, not just certain segments. Young volunteers have been drawn to the campaign to help with phone-banking and campaign events in large numbers, Lenti said.

“Every vote counts. Every age counts. Every person counts in this election,” Lenti said. “Young people like McCain because he is a maverick. He respects the youth so much that he goes so far as to ask them to ask something more of themselves.”

And I’m going to join him.  

HERE you’ll find a list of official Michigan McCain / Palin Victory Centers everywhere from Ann Arbor to Wyandotte.  They have activities, phone banks, mailings, door-to-door efforts and voter registration drives going on seven days a week throughout the rest of the campaign.

If you’d rather get connected locally, find your state House candidate and volunteer with him or her.

Here is the challenge:

Pick one day between September 22 (today) and September 27 (this Saturday) to volunteer at least an hour helping the conservative candidate of your choice.

Click that list of offices to help McCain / Palin or find your local candidate.  No excuses.  The only way we pull this thing out… the only way we turn Michigan red is if we push ourselves a little bit further than we’ve pushed before.  

That might mean rearranging our schedules.  That might mean skipping a trip to the movie theatre.  That might mean one fewer evening at the bar or the pizzeria.  That might mean one earlier-than-normal Saturday morning.  But the stakes demand nothing less than our best.  Our best really can win this thing.  

And in my experience, a little public commitment goes a long way.  To that end, please email me at [email protected] or leave a comment after this post letting everyone know what day / time(ish) and location you plan on volunteering at this week.  If you can make the time someone will be organizing an event near you.  Guaranteed.  

Fire up team!

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