Michigan Democrats leaving Denver, headed to court

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One heck of a speech last night, wasn’t it?  Not sure how we’re going to pay for all of the fancy things the man talked about, especially with his insistence that he won’t surrender immediately in Iraq AND that he’ll end these budget deficits.  But hey, big speeches like that one aren’t about reality… they’re about painting a pretty picture of utopia   And I’d say the one major party Presidential candidate to ever seek what is effectively the Communist Party of America’s endorsement knows a thing or two about utopia.

But this afternoon Democrats in Denver will wake up, pound six or eight extra-strength Tylenol, chase them with another screwdriver and then jump in cars and on airplanes to head back to their home states and the real world.  For most delegates it’s a sad day at the end of the biggest party of their lives but at least they get to head back to local economies experiencing job and income growth and poverty recession.  Michigan Democrats head home and right back… to court.

Read on…

Most prominently, the Democratic Mayor of Detroit continues to struggle with his various legal travails.  Yesterday he began proceedings to have Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm’s long-delayed removal hearings canceled via the courts.  The Detroit News reports:

The mayor’s attorneys will appear this morning before Judge Robert Ziolkowski, the same judge who stopped the City Council’s forfeiture proceedings, to ask for a restraining order. Kilpatrick claims the governor is biased, that her level of proof to remove him is “vague,” and that state law is unclear on the governor’s powers in this case.

Think about that for a minute.  The Democrat in charge of the biggest city in Michigan (and the poorest in the United States) is attempting to get a restraining order against the Democrat in charge of the state (the only one in continued, significant economic decline).  

Now I don’t know about the bias claim… from here it looks like the Gov has bent over backwards, putting party WAY above reason and common sense to delay this thing as long as she has.  If there’s a bias I tend to think it’s pro-Democrat.  The state law is a little trickier.  

Everyone but Kwame’s “good friend” Barack Obama (and, yeah, anyone else with an MDP membership card) seems to agree that the Mayor needs to go, but the idea of a governor removing a democratically elected mayor in a municipality for any reason continues to give me pause.  Does the Hip Hop Mayor have a case here?  Suppose we’ll find out this morning.

And we’ll have to wait until next week to find out if some of the other lefty extremists in the state have one.  Word came down late yesterday that the Michigan Supreme Court has agreed to hear oral arguments on the radical, far-left Reform Michigan Government Now Democratic takeover plan.  According to the Associated Press:

Justices could have decided not to consider an appeal from a group behind the measure to cut the number of lawmakers and reduce pay for elected officials — including judges — among many significant changes. Instead, the court will hear arguments on the application to appeal.

After the arguments, the seven-member court still could reject the appeal or decide to take the case and issue a ruling.

Credit where credit is due on this one… not that the left will dole any out.  The Republican majority on the Court is making, now read this carefully, a political mistake by hearing this thing.  It was rightly dead in the water.  Why give CPR to a proposal that’s express aim is to eliminate your jobs and hand over control of the courts to far-far-far-far-far left Democrats?  

Apparently, based on this move, because the Republican majority is more worried about doing their job the right way, reading and interpreting the law, than about politics and how this might play (on the ballot or off, as a stick to poke Cliff Taylor) come November.   It is a courageous move and the right move in the minds of strict-constructionist jurists.

That’s the thing about conservatives like Markman, Taylor, Corrigan and Young.  They’ll do their jobs the right way.  Period.  Which means, obviously, the Democrats need to do anything and everything they can to get them fired.  Next Wednesday they’ll hear oral arguments on Exhibit A.