Granholm to host DNC Town Hall meetings on Poverty Creation, City Destroying and Job Killing

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Did you see where Jennifer Granholm moderated an “alternative energy” town hall meeting yesterday at the Democratic National Convention in Denver?  Apparently when the event’s organizers were throwing together the four-day program they took a look at the state of Michigan, realized the Governor didn’t have any positive accomplishments to boast about and put her in charge of something she’s done nothing about.

Sort of like Michigan voters who in 2006 re-elected the woman to the highest office in the state with an economy in shambles, putting her in charge, again, of something she’d done nothing about.  And again I fall back on that classic definition of politics… that the people know what they want and deserve to get it, good and hard.

And boy are we getting it here in the Great Lakes State.

While the Governor and the rest of the state’s big-wig Democrats (sans Kwame, another topic the woman patently ignored amid a flurry of questions, yesterday) hob knob around the Mile High City, back here at home we’re taking a giant combination punch to the gut this morning.  So in honor of a few headlines the gov’s earned today I’d like to officially petition the DNC to allow her to host a few additional town hall meetings before the convention wraps tomorrow.  The difference between these and “alternative energy?”  These the Governor has crafted, created and knows intimately.

Read on…

The “How to cripple an economy and drive up poverty statewide” Town Hall

The Associated Press reports that family incomes dropped last year in Michigan and the poverty rate rose.  Bad news and worse news but here’s the kicker… we were the ONLY state where either of those things happened.  Congrats to Team Granholm, Dillon, Schauer and Brewer!  You’ve made Michigan a national leader!

Michigan’s poverty rate was 14 percent, up from 13.5 percent in 2006 and a full percentage point above the national rate, which was virtually unchanged during the same period. The state’s rate has grown steadily since 2000, when it was just above 10 percent. The number of people in poverty increased by 45,000 during 2006-07.

The 2007 median income in Michigan was $47,950, down 1.2 percent or $596 from the 2006 median of $48,546. The state’s nationwide ranking slid from 24th to 27th.

That’ll happen to the median income when the state steals an extra $1.5 BILLION in one year’s time.  Just wait until the 2008 numbers drop next year, after the full effects of the Granholm / Schauer / Dillon tax hikes on working families are felt.  There are now 1,377,000 Michigan residents living below the federal poverty line of $20,650 annually for a household of four.  Kudos.


The “How to kill YOUR big city” Town Hall

Highest spike in poverty, check.  Biggest drop in median income, check.  Time to kill a city…

The Ivory Tower reports that Detroit isn’t just poor… it is the POOREST big city anywhere in America.  And the Governor can’t so much as be bothered to answer any questions about it yesterday in Denver?  

The number of poor people in the city grew slightly, from 32.5% in 2006 to 33.8% in 2007. Detroit was compared with other cities of 250,000 or more.

33.8 percent?!  Son of a gun.  That’s a lot of poor people.  Think they’ll vote for change this fall?  Yeah, no, me either.   Now let’s narrow things a little further.

The Party can spike statewide poverty rates.  They can send personal incomes plummeting while national incomes rise.  They can create and negatively reinforce the poorest big city anywhere in the most prosperous nation in the history of the world.  You don’t build that kind of record of accomplishment unless you do it one business… one company… one job at a time.  Put that woman in charge of…

The “How to Kill Jobs FAST” Town Hall

Cadence Innovation, LLC, a South East Michigan auto parts supplier filed for bankruptcy yesterday, putting 1,500 local jobs in jeopardy.  According to the Detroit News:

Cadence said it is trying to sell both its North American and European operations. The European units are not part of Tuesday’s bankruptcy filing.

The company consolidated operations from about a dozen plants to a 735,000 square-foot facility in Chesterfield Township. It opened in mid-2006 in a former Visteon factory on nearly 40 acres. That plant provides interiors for Chrysler’s Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Commander.

The company said its revenue was hurt by strikes affecting GM and reduced volumes at Chrysler that resulted in a 20-percent drop in sales.

Job killing labor disputes, declining manufacturing and higher operating costs via Lansing.  Ahh, Michigan.  On second thought, instead of letting the woman host all of these town halls maybe they want to keep her in Denver?

Either way… congrats to Michigan Democrats on a job well done.  THIS is a record to be proud of.