Granholm, Dems hit Denver, Michigan's struggling families the last thing on their minds

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Are you ready for some of the most over-done, painful, cringe inducing television coverage you’ve ever seen?  You’d better be, because the Democratic National Convention officially kicks off today in Denver and it will be all you hear about (and breathlessly, I might add) from the MSM for the next five days.

There’s going to be non-stop cable news coverage, radio coverage, primetime network TV coverage… hit the pharmacy today and grab all the Pepto you can get your hands on because there’s going to be a run on the stuff.  

Years and years ago I used to listen to Rush Limbaugh.  When I worked at the grocery store I’d sneak out on my lunch breaks to catch a half an hour, I’d have him tuned in when I had an afternoon off, flip to WOOD 1300 when I was in the car… the whole deal.  Not a full-fledged ditto-head but I appreciated what the guy did and he made me laugh.  Well back in the day I remember him describing a strategy he had for surviving insufferable television.

There was a certain man from Arkansas in a certain white house and the guy used to like to give floury speeches.  Speeches and testimony at legal proceedings.  I remember Limbaugh’s strategy called for taking a sheet of paper and writing on it “LIAR,” then taping the paper to the edge of the television set whenever that certain man appeared on screen.

Didn’t save the universe, didn’t change any elections, didn’t earn any votes but he seemed to think it was cathartic.  With the Dems launching what Joe Biden almost certainly guarantees to be one of the most extreme, far-left Presidential campaigns in American history, this week’s TV viewing will almost certainly cry out for catharsis.  So here’s my suggestion… take a sheet of paper and grab a pen.

Read on…

Write down three questions…

  1. How much does it cost?  (Every speech will talk about A) hope, B) change and / or C) fancy new spending programs designed to bribe undecided voters.)
  2. How are you going to pay for it?  (Those fancy new spending programs require federal tax dollars… which are already stretched thinner than thin… so what’s the plan?  Just print new money?)


3) Why do you want to kill the domestic auto industry? (Barack Obama and Joe Biden hate the Big 3.  They’ve told Michigan as much and in no uncertain terms, then backed up their rhetoric by sponsoring the “Fuel Economy Reform Act,” a new government regulation that, among other things, would increase CAFE standards by 4% annually through 2018, costing Michigan’s largest employers, the Big 3, billions and very likely sending at least one automaker spiraling into bankruptcy.  

Tens of thousands of Michigan jobs would almost certainly be killed under this policy.  Which sorta makes you want to reach through the TV screen, grab Obama and Biden each by the shoulders… and shake them.  Try to jar something loose in their brains so they can think a little straighter.

I was going to suggest a fourth question for our paper… “why is Michigan still being treated like a mal-formed step-child?” but YESTERDAY the good folks at the DNC finally decided to grant Michigan delegates their full voting rights.  Yes.  Yesterday.  They literally waited until the afternoon before the convention to tell Michiganders they can “come out of their room.”  The Associated Press reports:

“The only way we will be successful is if we are unified as a party and all Democrats know we are full partners,” said Chris Edley Jr., a member of the committee from California who introduced the resolution restoring Florida’s votes.

So it took a Californian acting on behalf of Floridians to grant Michiganders a voice in the most important election in our time.  Classy.

A fifth question  was also rendered moot yesterday… I was going to suggest “Where in Mile High is Kwame Kilpatrick?”  Alas, he’s still in the Mayor’s office in Detroit.  According to DetNews:

“As the mayor has stated before, his focus remains on serving the citizens of Detroit, not on presidential politics, therefore, he will not be attending the Democratic National Convention,” Marcus Reese, spokesman for the mayor’s legal team, said in a statement Sunday night.

As I HAVE stated before, if the Mayor really wanted to serve the citizens of Detroit he’d resign.  But that’s not where his focus lies.  He’s trying to figure out a way to save his skin and to prevent the governor from kicking him to the curb.  Frankly, I’m starting to think he needn’t try nearly as hard.  Jennifer Granholm isn’t exactly paying attention to Michigan these days.

Confronted with Kwame’s sins and presented with an opportunity to do something about them MONTHS ago the woman continues to dawdle and delay, refusing to give an answer one way or the other.  Now here comes today, a day with another one of her goofy “deadlines,” designed to make people believe she’s actually doing something about the whole sordid situation.  Today’s is a deadline designed to allow Hizzoner’s side of the argument one last shot at derailing the whole process.  According to the Ivory Tower:

Granholm is expected to rule as soon as Tuesday on the City Council’s request that she proceed with a Sept. 3 hearing, which the council wants because of how Kilpatrick handled the settlement of a police whistle-blower lawsuit.

Sharon McPhail, the Kilpatrick administration’s general counsel, has asked Granholm to deny a hearing — or at least delay it until after the mayor’s other legal issues are resolved.

Not entirely sure how the Governor is going to handle these legal briefs from Denver, where she’s expected to speak at a breakfast event this morning… but if this woman has evidenced anything over the last six years it’s the ability to waver and float on the breeze until disaster sets in permanently.  

So she’s in the Mile High City and Kwame is not.  Which leaves us with three questions.  How much?  Pay how?  And SUNSHINE!  Why are you trying to kill Michigan?  (More or less.)

Print up your sheet, slap that thing on the base of your TV set, take your blood pressure medicine then sit back and enjoy.

And to my friends on the other side of the aisle, especially those who typically wear black nail polish and anarchic “A”s on their dark hoodies, and label themselves a part of “Recreate 68,” please don’t burn down Denver.  My football heroes need a hometown.